For stockpiling toilet paper because of the coronavirus came up with an offensive term

Для запасающихся туалетной бумагой из-за коронавируса придумали обидный термин

On the website popular English dictionary Urban Dictionary appeared offensive term for those who are unnecessarily panicking because of the coronavirus, or, on the contrary, ignores all precautions. The new word that was invented by one of the users drew the attention of the publishing World Republic.

The word Covidiot (the”comedit”) created from two parts: the first refers to the virus COVID-19, and the second is the word idiot. The new term has two meanings. The first — “he who ignores warnings about public health and safety.” For this value Urban Dictionary gave the following example: “This kovideo hugs everyone she sees”.

The second meaning of the word “person who buys various goods, depriving their neighbors of the ability to buy them.” “Did you see that comidita with 300 rolls of toilet paper in the truck?” reads example for the second meaning of the word.

Earlier it was reported that appeared on quarantine the Russians launched a special portal with educational and entertaining content. Currently connected to the service, about 100 companies and resources, including Yandex, 1C, the services of Sberbank, online the theaters. Access will be free.

How to escape from the coronavirus?

Wash your hands regularly
Why is it necessary? If the surface owner has the virus, treatment is an alcohol-based medium or washing hands with soap will kill it.
Keep your distance in public areas
Stay away from people at a distance at least one meter, especially if some of them cough, runny nose or fever.
Why is it necessary? Coughing or sneezing, a person with a respiratory infection, such as COVID-19, can release tiny droplets containing the virus. If you’re too close, you can catch the virus by inhaling air.
If possible do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth
Why is it necessary? Hands touch many surfaces that can contain a virus. Touching the eyes, nose or mouth you can transfer the virus from the skin into the body.
Follow the rules of respiratory hygiene
When coughing and sneezing cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or crook of the elbow; immediately dispose of the tissue in a trash container with a lid, clean hands alcohol-based antiseptic or wash them with soap and water.
Why is it necessary? This helps to prevent the spread of viruses and other pathogens. If you are coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth, germs can get on your hands and then the objects or people that you touch.
With increasing temperature, the cough and difficulty breathing as soon as possible seek medical help
Why is it necessary? Fever, cough and shortness of breath can be caused by respiratory infection or other serious disease. The symptoms of defeat of respiratory organs, combined with an increase in temperature can have very different causes, among which, depending on travel and contacts of the patient, may be a coronavirus.

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