Forest fires are stable and mutual aid is deployed in Abitibi | Wildfires 2023

Forest fires are stable and mutual aid is deployed in Abitibi | Wildfires 2023

Forest fires are stable and mutual aid is deployed in Abitibi | Forest fires 2023

At La Reine, citizens evacuated preemptively due to air quality which is deteriorating.

The situation is difficult in Abitibi-Ouest. Firefighters had small victories on Wednesday as they pushed back the flames that appeared at the gates of the municipality of Normétal.

We don't think the town will be affected, but it will be perhaps the place most at risk, mentioned the Premier of Quebec, François Legault.

During the assessment of the forest fires in the province, he added that he would be able to announce tomorrow the compensation that could be paid to the evacuees. We will compensate the equivalent of what it cost you more, he said.

The first Quebec Minister François Legault gave an update on the forest fires raging in Quebec at a press briefing on Thursday.

The temperatures which drop during the night, the direction of the winds, the drought, all elements analyzed by the experts to deploy the teams on the ground. Trenches dug with heavy machinery at the edge of town also help slow the spread.

“The fire gets bigger when he's going to look for a couple of spruce trees. The fire is very big. »

— Doris Nolet, director of the Normétal fire department

Doris Nolet points out that municipal firefighters accustomed to intervening in building fires are experiencing special times.

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The blaze did not affect the infrastructures in the municipalities. However, air quality is deteriorating across Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Citizens like in Normétal and Saint-Lambert who have left their homes do not know when they will be able to return home.

The director general of the MRC d'Abitibi-Ouest, Normand Lagrange, focuses on the circulation of good information to avoid the spread of rumors that would increase anxiety.

I was a little worried this morning, says Dany Lavoie.

The one who lives in Saint-Lambert is monitoring the progress of the fire which spread on Wednesday near his residence and his chalet which he left earlier this week.

Dany Lavoie lives in Saint-Lambert, in Abitibi-Ouest.

Dany Lavoie moved near his land to assess the situation.

My chalet, in a way, is a bit like my retirement home. That's what I envision. Yes, there is the question of money, but there is also the question of time, of the effort that has been put into it, he confides.

The forest fires that hit Abitibi-Témiscamingue challenge citizens of the region, who are mobilizing online to offer a helping hand.

In Rouyn-Noranda, Sylvie Ippersiel Mantha announced on social media that she is offering her chalet to evacuees from Normétal, La Reine and Saint-Lambert.

It's better to be in a cabin that is fully equipped for a small family with three children and two adults than to stay in an arena basement sleeping with 400 people with limited access to showers. If it can help a small family, that's perfect, says the retiree.

Meals and information are provided in La Sarre.

In La Sarre, where free meals are served to evacuees, Nicol Auto owner Éric Audet also brings his help.

His company is making land capable of accommodating trailers available to evacuees. The land in question includes access to running water and bathrooms.

I was with a client and a client on Wednesday and it was already twice that they were evacuated. They were at [lac] Pajegasque, after that at Normetal, then they moved to another place. I saw that it was not always easy to find places. That's kind of why I opened my land, explains Mr. Audet.

The Lac Abitibi School Service Center is temporarily making the land where was located the Victor-Cormier school, also able to accommodate recreational vehicles.