Forest fires: Senneterre declares a state of emergency

Forest fires: Senneterre declares a state of emergency

Forest fires&nbsp ;: Senneterre declares a state of emergency

Smoke from forest fires covers the roads of Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

The Municipality of Senneterre, in the Vallée-de-l'Or, said the x27;state of emergency on Sunday due to two fires raging in the area.

The City has not ordered the evacuation of the population, but it says it wants to give itself the necessary means to prepare for any eventuality.

It's just to give us the tools and to be ready if we ever have to intervene. But know that everything is under control: we are monitoring the situation very closely and we are with the authorities, namely Public Security, as well as with SOPFEU, said Mayor Nathalie-Ann Pelchat in a press briefing broadcast on social networks.

Of course it can be worrying, but everything is under control, launched the mayor, who was accompanied by Jacqueline Rouleau, mayor of Senneterre Paroisse, and Guylaine Labbé, mayor of Belcourt.

“We, internally, we follow this closely with our firefighters, with our fire department, and we have qualified people in the forest, so we follow the winds, we follow all the fires that are currently in the area. of Senneterre. »

— Nathalie-Ann Pelchat

Jacqueline Rouleau, Mayor of Senneterre Parish, Nathalie-Ann Pelchat, Mayor of Senneterre, and Guylaine Labbé, Mayor of Belcourt.

As for the campsites around the city, the mayor indicated that no evacuation order applies to them. However, those who leave their campsite will not be able to return, the mayor said.

She called on citizens to remain vigilant and insisted on the ban in force to go to a public forest and make fires outside.

East of the municipality, three fires are still burning and have not been brought under control, indicates SOPFEU.

Masks N95 are also distributed to the population due to poor air quality.

Currently, several citizens of Lebel-sur-Quévillon are being moved to Senneterre due to the fires of forest in Nord-du-Québec.

  • “At the moment, the situation does not allow us to attack all the fires, says SOPFEU
  • In Abitibi -Témiscamingue, 31 active fires, including 23 uncontrolled
  • Val-d'Or orders the evacuation of its eastern sector