Forest fires: the inhabitants of Saint-Lambert, in Abitibi, come home | Wildfires 2023

Forest fires: the inhabitants of Saint-Lambert, in Abitibi, come home | Wildfires 2023

Forest fires: the inhabitants of Saint-Lambert, in Abitibi, return home | Forest fires 2023< /p>

The forest fire that has been fought for ten days in Abitibi-Ouest is considered contained.

The residents of Saint-Lambert arrived early Tuesday at the checkpoint.

Since 9 a.m. Tuesday, residents of the municipality of Saint-Lambert have been able to return to their homes.

We went out in panic, we went out and we were scared. We will not be afraid to return, but we will not return in panic, warned Diane Provost, mayor of Saint-Lambert during the press briefing of the MRC d'Abitibi-Ouest on Monday.

Citizens must follow security measures such as reporting to the checkpoint at the intersection of Route 6e-et-7e Rangs and Route 111 on Tuesday.

People wishing to return to Saint-Lambert must present proof of residence.

< p class="e-p">When they arrive at home, they are asked to check the condition of the premises and wait for the test results before consuming water from the aqueduct system or a well.

The excitement was in the air Monday after the announcement. He's going to stay to pick up my chickens, pick up my dog, pack up tonight and good evening, we're off, said a resident, laughing.

Unless otherwise advised, the population of Val-Paradis will also be able to return home at 2:30 p.m.

The locality of Valcanton specifies that the sectors of Val-Paradis and Beaucanton are affected by the reinstatement notice with the exception of the citizens of Lac Pajegasque and 1229, chemin du Parallèle de Beaucanton.

The elected officials of Abitibi-Ouest have been working for ten days to coordinate services to citizens.

For the inhabitants of Normétal, an information session on the reintegration plan is scheduled for 8 p.m. at the Desjardins room in La Sarre.

You have one day left in principle to stay with us. We have a little twinge in our hearts, but we are happy that in principle you are going home if the situation remains as it is. We hope that everyone will be at home on Wednesday, said Luc Goudreault.

At Normétal, the population had to quickly leave the municipality on June 4. A state of emergency was declared the next day in Saint-Lambert.

A cloud of smoke was present this morning in Abitibi-Ouest. The MRC reminds vulnerable people and people who have to work outside that masks are available in municipalities.

I want to reassure citizens: this situation does not compromise not, at present, the reintegration of the populations of Saint-Lambert and Normétal, indicated Normand Lagrange, director general of the MRC, in a press release issued in the morning.

Firefighters are continuing their efforts, including a New Brunswick major fire team that arrived in Abitibi-Ouest on Friday.

After three days without progress, the fire resumed on Monday.

It did not progress, but it grew a little bit on the north side because of the weather conditions. It was not worrying for the New Brunswick team, assured Luc Goudreault, director of fire prevention and civil security, Monday.

The Minister of Public Security, François Bonnardel, during his press conference on Monday in La Sarre.

L' Abitibi-Ouest is to welcome this week two contingents of 119 Americans. During his visit on Monday, the Minister of Public Security François Bonnardel was reassuring. He stressed that the inhabitants are protected and that the fires had not reached the municipalities' critical infrastructures.

In Lebel-sur-Quévillon, in the Nord-du- Quebec, no return date is scheduled at this time. The mayor, Guy Lafrenière, will provide an update on the situation at 11 a.m.