Forest fires: Val-d’Or welcomes more than 800 evacuees

Forest fires: Val-d’Or welcomes more than 800 evacuees

Forest fires: Val-d’Or welcomes more than 800 evacuees

Hundreds of people found their way to the Center multisports de Val-d'Or.

More than 800 people have found a place at the Center multisports de Val-d'Or where volunteers from the Red Cross and employees of the municipality take care of them.

Since Friday evening, volunteers have been preparing the dormitories, collective kitchens and infirmary. It's a complex operation, explains Michelle Bourque, head of volunteers.

There are workers on site for people in distress, who live with anxiety. We made purchases to meet different needs

Evacuees can receive all the necessary care, assures Eric Hebert, director of the Val-d'Or fire safety service.

Accommodation service, food service, psychosocial service also, everyone is gathered to offer services to the victims.

People who have had to leave their homes expect to stay there for two days. Many are worried about the fate of their community, including Marguerite Papatie and Mary Moushoom, two residents of Lac-Simon.

I felt panicked, says Marguerite Papatie, I was thinking of people who don't have a vehicle. I'm worried about my children too and about my community… It's not easy what we're going through there.

Mayor Céline Brindamour says the municipality has put everything in place to meet the needs of the population.

We have organized dormitories with camp beds, we are working with the Red Cross. In terms of food, still receiving 800 people all of a sudden, but it's going well. There are also items that are necessary for basic needs, so we also take care of having that at hand, so everything is going well, then I would say to you that there has been a great surge of solidarity, a lot of mutual aid from the community, says the mayor.

The sky was particularly dark due to late afternoon smoke in Lebel-sur-Quévillon.

The municipality of Senneterre north of Val-d'Or welcomes nearly 200 residents of Lebel-sur-Quévillon.

If the blaze slowed during the night due to a change in wind direction, it resumed in intensity during the day. It is still considered uncontrolled, despite the work of the authorities, explains the mayor of the municipality Guy Lafrenière.

The problem right now is the wind which is turning towards the #x27;is. This is not the model we want. This model brings the flames back to the factory and one side of the city.

Twenty responders fight the fire, two SOPFEU tankers are in action and one cutter -fire is dug around the municipality in order to protect it. A lot of effort is put into protecting the Nordik Kraft pulp mill.