Former ministers unite for the environment

D'anciens ministres s'unissent pour l'environnement

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The signatories describe their initiative as an “unprecedented move” that goes “beyond partisan politics” in order to respond to the climate emergency.

Six former ministers of the Environment of Quebec unite their voices to ask the government Legault to adopt the draft law on the climate, submitted in December by Dominic Champagne on behalf of the signatories of the Pact for the transition.

In a letter sent Monday to prime minister François Legault, Clifford Lincoln, Lise Bacon, Paul Bégin, Thomas J. Mulcair, Daniel Breton and Isabelle Melançon, “urge” the national Assembly to adopt “now,” the bill entitled ” an Act to ensure the respect of the obligations of Quebec’s climate.

This legislative proposal, drafted by the lawyers, Michel Bélanger and Mario Denis, fixes targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (20% by 2020, 37.5% for 2030, and 80 to 95 % for 2050), and suggests make it mandatory. The draft law also compel the government to ensure that all regulations and laws adopted by the quebec government to respect the achievement of these targets.

“While giving the force of law to the reduction targets of GHG emissions, this bill is the very summit of the State, or the Council of ministers and its members, by requiring that each of their decisions is consistent, so coherent, with the achievement of these targets,” noted the six signatories.

They describe their initiative as an “unprecedented move” that goes “beyond partisan politics” in order to respond to the climate emergency.

“We are already late, and the time does not allow us to ignore or to delay the necessary decisions to contain the global warming and avoid the runaway to come,” write the ministers, of whom four were elected under the banner of the liberal and the two sat in a pq government.

“We urge the current government, the opposition parties in the national Assembly as well as the driving forces of the civil society to make a common front” to limit global warming to 1.5 °C, claim.

In the declaration, it is mentioned that the leader of the Bloc québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, who was Environment minister from 2012 to 2014, supports “without reservation” the approach of his colleagues. However, it has not affixed his signature at the bottom of the letter ” to give to the elect of Quebec on the responsibility of making laws in the national Assembly “.

The declaration of the six ministers, sent Monday to François Legault, is accompanied by a letter signed by 18 law professors of the environment that support the adoption of the draft law.

“In a context where the error no longer has a place, these ways [to combat global warming] must be supervised by a law that will ensure their effectiveness and consistency. It is not to impose obligations that are overwhelming, but to have the courage to compel to that the challenge of climate change makes it essential, ” they write.


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