Fortnite: is an open world RPG mode coming?

Fortnite: is an open world RPG mode coming?

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Fortnite: is an open world RPG mode coming?

Apparently something interesting is brewing at Epic Games and this time it is not a crossover collaboration or with an internationally renowned artist. In fact, a leak would seem to suggest the arrival of one mode from Fortnite in key Open world RPG.

Let’s proceed step by step. Earlier this year a series of documents emerged thanks to the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple has brought to light many alleged leaks regarding the news coming in the future of the battle royale. Among these, one in particular spoke of the creation of an open world mode. Later the rumor died out due to lack of updates on the matter, but now it is back in the limelight.

The leaker HypeX has in fact shared on Twitter an image stolen thanks to the datamine on the latest version of the game files. As you can see, the shot immortalizes some characters armed with weapons from Fantasy RPG, like a magician’s staff and the inevitable coupled sword and shield. Furthermore, the most attentive will have noticed that the shot is clearly a promotional artwork, but that the style used and the features of the characters differ greatly from those seen so far on Battaglia Reale and Salva il Mondo.

According to HypeX, it is therefore an open world mode with role-playing elements. However, it is not clear whether it will be a limited-time event, like many others seen in the past, or a larger project, therefore a real Fortnite RPG spin-off that will create a triptych of titles together with Save the World. and Royal Battle.

Meanwhile, Fortnite prepares for the arrival of Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy with new items in the shop.

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