Fortnite launched a mode inspired by the Among Us

Fortnite launched a mode inspired by the Among Us

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Fortnite launched a mode inspired by the Among Us

The multiplayer video game Fortnite added this Tuesday the new mode Impostors, which is inspired by the popular title Among Us, the same one that captured the attention of gamers and enthusiasts in the first months of Covid-19 pandemic, both in computers, consoles and cell phones Android and ios.

The new modality that reached the successful battle royale contemplate a maximum of ten players: eight agents who will protect the bridge and two impostors who will try to take it, as published in a statement by Epic Games, developer of Fortnite.

All eight players are agents of the Imagined Order, whose function is to perform tasks to ensure the operation of the bridge in which the action of the new mode takes place. If they complete them, as in Among Us, the game is over.

However, the other two remaining will be impostors that they will try to eliminate all the members of the crew without being discovered. Every time a player discovers a corpse, a vote is taken and, after a debate, a person is expelled, like the game developed in by the British studio Innersloth in 2018.

Among Us was launched in 2018, but only two years later it gained massive popularity. Photo: capture.

Imposters also have the ability to temporarily disable the progress of all tasks, teleport players or themselves to other parts of the map and even turn all characters into Bananas to go unnoticed.

Matches can be played with a minimum of four players, with a single impostor (with eight or more they become two impostors), although from Epic Games recommended groups of ten people to have a better experience.

A new superhero lands in Fortnite

“To fight the Invasion, the champion of peace, Wonder woman, comes from Themyscira to the Island of Fortnite “, promulgated from Epic Games to promote the arrival of the DC Comics heroine.

Fortnite launched a mode inspired by the Among Us

Wonder Woman, another of the superheroes that joins Fortnite.

Starting on August 19, at 9:00 p.m. in Argentina, players will be able to find the traditional Wonder Woman clothing along with an “Armored” variant, the same that could be seen in the recent Wonder Woman 1984 movie.

The entire set that will be available in the Item Shop includes the “Golden Eagle Wings” Slider, “Athena’s Battle Ax” Pick, “DC Trinity” Loading Screen, and “Diana’s Mantle” Retro Backpack. .

Fortnite launched a mode inspired by the Among Us

Superman, another of DC’s superheroes, joined Fortnite as part of Season 7 – Chapter 2.

A day before, the video game will give its fans the opportunity to compete in the Wonder Woman Cup in duos format.

The pair of players must fight in 10 games to get as many points as possible and thus obtain the traditional Wonder Woman clothing (skin) and the Retro Backpack “Diana’s Mantle” for free before they arrive at the Item Shop.

After a series of collaborations with Marvel, which introduced several characters from the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, the main references of DC Comics began to have more and more relevance within the Epic Games video game.

At the beginning of the year, for example, players were able to acquire the skin of Batman Zero and the possibility of obtaining many others for free through the codes included in the comics of the DC series. However, in mid-2020, the Bat Man, Harley Quinn and Catwoman They were available for a limited time in the game’s digital store.

Already in the framework of the current Season 7- Chapter 2, it was the turn of one of the most popular characters and expected by fans: Superman

To get their different costumes you have to, first, buy the Battle Pass for 1000 V-Bucks ($ 7.99), which is equivalent to 1,300 pesos at the exchange of the day. Then, it will be necessary to enter a series of challenges specific to Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy.