Found a new heavy duty antibiotic

Нашли новый сверхмощный антибиотик

This medicine has a unique approach to the destruction of bacteria. Scientists had not seen anything like it.

Researchers from Canada have invented a new substance carbomycin, which may become part of a new generation of antibiotics, writes .

New drugs in this class is needed because of the increasing threat of antibiotic resistance. Every year victims are 700 thousand people, but who believes that soon they will be millions. Carbomycin along with less well-known antibiotic, complestatin, kill bacteria due to blocking of the functional cells in their walls. This phenomenon was first observed science.

Bacteria have a wall around the surface of their cells that provides shape and is a source of energy. Antibiotics, like penicillin, kill bacteria by preventing the construction of the wall.

Нашли новый сверхмощный антибиотик

A new antibiotic has a very different action /

How does the new antibiotic?

But the new drugs do something of the opposite. They do not allow the walls to crumble. But if this process is blocked, cells are locked, they can’t expand and grow, causing their death.

Tests on mice have shown that these antibiotics inhibit infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus – a group of drug-resistant bacteria that cause serious infections like sepsis and toxic shock syndrome. Both antibiotics belong to the group of glycopeptides that produce soil bacteria.

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