Found a new way to treat impotence

Нашли новый способ лечения импотенции

The impact wave discharges on the penis stimulates the growth of nerve fibers and blood vessels. This will help in treatment of impotence.

The study authors compared this relatively new technique with the effect of standard drugs against impotence for men with erectile dysfunction.

Found that 6 sessions of 2 400 pulses of acoustic energy to the region of the penis has provided better results than the pills themselves. Sound waves work due to stimulation of growth of nerve fibers and blood vessels, which restores functionality of the penis.

20-minute sessions did not produce pain in patients. Scientists at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy has proven the ability of extracorporeal shock wave therapy used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Нашли новый способ лечения импотенции

Sound waves can cure erectile dysfunction

How was the study?

All 156 participants had diabetes of the second type that quite often accompanies impotence. Diabetes causes damage to nerves and blood vessels due to poor control of blood sugar levels. Volunteers took Cialis for 12 weeks, and half also passed through the shock-wave therapy twice a week for three weeks.

The average age of participants was 57 years, the severity of erectile dysfunction was determined on a special scale. The condition initially improved in both groups, but subsequently, it is men who passed through the impotence treatment sound waves achieved maximum progress.

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