Found a nice way to recover after a heart attack

Music therapy can be an effective means for elimination of consequences of a heart attack. To such conclusion scientists, who published the results of an experimental study on the subject on the website of the American College of cardiology.

Найден приятный способ восстановиться после сердечного приступа

Only half an hour of music a day can work miracles if you combine music therapy with standard medical treatment used to reduce the effects of heart attacks. The study, which scientists from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) conducted among 350 patients, proves it.

An experimental study is conducted for seven years — it was attended by the volunteers who survived a heart attack and received rehabilitation therapy. Volunteers were divided into two groups — one received a standard set of drugs, and second, in addition to medications, recommended every day to listen to your favorite music. Participants in both groups kept diaries, which recorded its state.

After seven years of the experiment it turned out that patients who, in addition to standard therapy was listening to music in General felt less pain and anxiety, plus, they are less likely to have developed heart failure and significantly decreased frequency of repeated heart attacks. As a result, among patients audiophiles were 16% lower mortality from exacerbations of cardiovascular diseases.

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