François Legault in search of the “pride” lost

François Legault à la recherche de la «fierté» perdue

Photo: Justin Tang, The canadian Press
Legault also take advantage of the first six months of this “real first year” with the power to close the debate on the secularity of the State.

On the eve of the resumption of the work of the national Assembly, François Legault quote “the greatest challenge” it is facing : to give back to the citizens ” proud to be Québécois “. The State has its role to play to get there, according to the prime minister.

“When we are proud of the services that we have, the services that we offer to our children, our aging parents, to see our government to defend our identity, I think it is important,” he said at the end of the caucus présessionnel of the elect caquistes, last Thursday.

In this spirit, the elected representatives of the Coalition avenir Québec shall proceed as soon as they return to parliament on Tuesday, to the “implementation projects “”major projects” in the economy, in health and in education, he mentioned, ushering in the “real first year” where the CAQ can increase the services offered to toddlers who are experiencing learning difficulties and the elderly in loss of autonomy while ” continu[ing] to put money back into the wallets of the Québécois “.

The head of the government also take advantage of the first six months of this “real first year” with the power to close the debate on the secularity of the State, which has stagnated since the publication of the report of the Bouchard-Taylor commission (2008). By prohibiting the wearing of religious symbols in the police, prosecutors, judges, prison guards, and teachers, Mr. Legault argues that we can reduce the “risk of slippage” in the movement of secularization of quebec society, he said on the airwaves of the network LCN, Sunday.

“Humility” rather than” arrogance “

The head of government called the 75 elected caquistes him, including — to be approached with “humility” for their return to the national Assembly, Tuesday. He defends to swell the lead after the publication of a series of blows to probe favorable. The survey Léger-Journal de Montréal, published in the course of the weekend, shows a satisfaction rate of 63 % with respect to the government, as well as an increase in the number of supporters of the CAQ (42 % on the 1st of February, compared with 37 % on the 1st of October). “I don’t want to see anyone arrogant with us,” repeated Mr. Legault in recent weeks. “Things change quickly in politics. There are ups, then there’s the bottom “, added the dean of the national Assembly, evoking the” mood ” changing of the electorate.

Deprived of his primary target, the ex-minister MarieChantal Chassé, the opposition will shoot in all directions, starting in the head of the government.

The liberal Party promised ” prosperity “, the Parti québécois promised the ” pride “, had been argued by Mr. Legault on the occasion of a “6 to 8” last Wednesday. “There are no two that were successful because the two go together,” he launched in front of a few hundred activists.

Aged 61, Mr. Legault recalls that he was “proud” to be Quebecers when “artists, athletes succeed all over the world” during Expo 67, the olympic Games, and… when he “stay[t] on the mountain on the 24th of June” in the framework of the national day of 1975. “When we are proud, we are happy. […] It is being proud that you give of the ambition. “


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