Frankkaster, the ‘brain’ behind 9z: ‘We expected this present with Counter Strike’

Frankkaster, the ‘brain’ behind 9z: ‘We expected this present with Counter Strike’

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Frankkaster, the ‘brain’ behind 9z: ‘We expected this present with Counter Strike’

Counter Strike managed to sustain itself over the years and its versions as one of the most important competitive video games in the world. The 9Z organization, owned by Francisco “Frankkaster” Postiglione, capitalized on this fury to become in a few years a benchmark in the region based on titles and classifications to the European BLAST Premier tournament.

“I am very happy to have built this club and reach 3 years of age with 9z, I think people are also very happy to feel part of this, “said the CEO of the organization in dialogue with Clarion.

The collection of titles of the violet team in the regional scene of the Counter Strike – Global Offensive video game recently demonstrated that it is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful in Latin America.

This week, for example, he got beat Bravos Gaming 2-1 and qualify again for the BLAST Premier to face the best organizations around the world and thus re-measure themselves at the international level.

New European dream

The Blast Premier is a european esports league Launched in 2020, it holds two major tournaments every year: one in the spring and the other in the fall. In the first event of this 2021, Gambit Esports took first place after beating Natus Vincere in the final.

Precisely in that April edition -the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown-, 9z starred in one of the most important moments for Argentine esports, when outperformed the European team Team Vitality and he stayed with the championship of the Latin Power Qualifer after achieving victory in one of the most important finals of the year.

DT Zakk, Rox, Max, Bit, Dgt and Try want to continue making history with 9z Team and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

“As many of you already know, I am still the sole owner of the company and that puts a roof over my head, but among all of us we always seek to continue growing gradually and as the teams deserve. Although we could accelerate processes, I think that the most beautiful thing about 9z is being able to live together with the people this expansion in an organic way“, said the young gamer businessman to the Clarín newspaper.

And he added: “Although I have ambitions and I want to go compete abroad, my projection in the next 6 months is to be able to fulfill my dream of being able to take Counter Srike’s main team abroad“, he acknowledged.

Three titles in three days

after one series of lost endings in December against the Brazilian team Detona (GC Masters VI) and the first Quali Fire against Isurus, the violet team was able to find the way to victory and the titles.

Thus, at the end of August, 9z Team achieved a rare success in the Argentine shooting video game scene: obtaining three titles in just three days. Besides becoming Champions of the FiRe LEAGUE 2021 of the Southern Cone against River and of the Alpha Pro League against Boca, the violet squad also took the podium towin the Gamers Club Serie A.

With the same team led by Zakk and made up of the players Max, Try, Bit, Rox and Dgt, who a short time ago dazzled with their performance in the Blast Premier, the Argentine squad defeated the Brazilians of Paquetá Gaming by 2 to 0 staying thus with the title of August Serie A from Liga Gamers Club.

On that occasion, they faced each other on the Nuke map with a very even start, but Paquetá managed to open an advantage and close the first half by 9 to 6. Far from being left behind, 9z improved the rhythm and took the reins of the game showing a solid defense to close the game 16-10.

Frankkaster, the ‘brain’ behind 9z: ‘We expected this present with Counter Strike’

The Argentine Santino Rigal (Try) is one of the figures of the 9z CS: GO team.

Already in September they rose to the podium again by beating River Plate Gaming in the final of the Aorus League.

“Sincerely and without the intention of making it sound enlarged, This present with the Counter team is something we have been waiting for but sometimes the sport is hard and others, it gives revenge … “, confessed Frankkaster.

And he acknowledged: “The truth is that it was something that I had been waiting for a long time; ‘supremacy’ was a little late But focusing on the region was what we had planned for a long time together with the sports management and that is why we managed to form this team with a long-term projection. “

“It fills us with enthusiasm and confidence both in the players and in the whole team because sometimes it is also difficult as a player to lose in the final stages and although things do not always go as one wants, thank God we have a first-rate team , with beautiful people who know what it is to work and are super professionals, then what it feels without a doubt is a lot of satisfaction because we had been working and fighting for a long time, “he remarked.