Freestyle skiing: Mikaël Kingsbury triumph again at the Calgary world Cup

Ski acrobatique: Mikaël Kingsbury triomphe encore à la Coupe du monde de Calgary

Photo: Jeff McIntosh, The canadian Press
Kingsbury got 84,17 points for its descent during the super-final.

The plodder quebecer Mikaël Kingsbury continued his dominance in freestyle skiing, triumphant at the world Cup in Calgary on Saturday.

The olympic champion won three gold medals in the three competitions of the world Cup this season, having won the event twice.

26-year-old, Kingsbury has obtained 84,17 points for its descent during the super-final and he has signed a 53rd career win on the circuit of the world Cup.

The Swedish Walter Wallberg placed a hand on the silver medal with a total of 80,98 points. The Japanese Daichi Hara completed the podium (78,14).

On the ladies side, the Kazakh Yulia Galysheva is mounted on the top step of the podium under a harvest 79,10 points. The Frenchwoman Perrine Laffont, olympic champion, won the silver medal (77,96) while American Jaelin Kauf was awarded the bronze medal (76,10).

Quebec’s Justine Dufour-Lapointe concluded the race in fifth position.


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