From Sunday, trains between Masaryk station and Dejvice will not run for about 2 years

From Sunday, trains between Masaryk station and Dejvice will not run for about 2 years

From Sunday, trains will not run between Masaryk Railway Station and Dejvice for about 2 years

Start of modernization of the part of the track to the airport between the Prague Bubny and Výstaviště stations. January 12, 2022, Prague.

Prague – From Sunday, trains will not run between Prague's Masarykovo nádraží and Dejvice stations for roughly two years. The reason is the repair of the track in Prague between Bubny and Dejvice. During the lockout, passengers should use public transport to move between stations. Czech Railways (ČD) spokesman Petr Pošta told ČTK today. ČD published details of the exclusion, among other things, on their website.

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To travel between Masarykovo stations, or the main station and Dejvice, instead of trains, people can use tram line 26 and metro line A with a transfer to metro B or C. Trams number 1 or 25 run between Dejvice and Bubny stations, and the connection between Masarykovo nádraží and Bubny is provided by tram number 14 and metro C or metro B with a transfer to line C.

According to the spokesman, due to the lockout, an additional pair of trains will run between Prague's main station and Hostivice and back at night. At 11:27 p.m., a passenger train will leave Hostivice, which will arrive at the main railway station in Prague at 11:59 p.m. and will connect with the train from Rakovník, which will end in Dejvice, Prague. In the opposite direction, a passenger train will depart from Prague Central Station at 0:24 to Hostivice, where there will be a transfer to a train traveling between Dejvice and Kladno.

People who have purchased a ČD ticket for the excluded section can use the Prague public transport use the “ND Praha” travel document for transport at the given stations. They can pick it up at Masaryków or the main railway station or at Praha-Dejvice, Hostivice, Kladno, Kladno město, Rakovník stations or from the train staff, added the spokesperson.

The repair of the section between Bubny and Dejvice is part of the modernization of the Kladno line – Prague, which is divided into eight sections. So far, only one has been completed, namely the Negrelli viaduct, which was opened in 2020. The line between the capital and Kladno should be completely modernized in 2029 or 2030. The complete modification of the now single-track and non-electrified line to Kladno with a branch to the Prague airport would according to earlier estimates by the Railway Administration, it should have amounted to approximately 40 billion crowns. At the end of last year, the Railway Administration received a European subsidy of 2.5 billion crowns for the construction of a part of the railway line to Prague's Ruzyne Airport.