From today, the European Green pass comes into force: this is when it is needed and how to obtain it

From today, the European Green pass comes into force: this is when it is needed and how to obtain it

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From today, the European Green pass comes into force: this is when it is needed and how to obtain it

From today – Thursday 1 July – the European green pass enters into force, which will be valid in all EU countries. The document will allow you to travel to Europe, without the requirement of quarantine or testing. It will take a negative swab carried out within 48 hours previous, or you will have to prove to be recovered from Covid or that you have completed the vaccination cycle (two doses). The green certificate is valid from fourteen days after the recall.

Also in Italy there is discussion about the possibility of issuing the certificate only after the recall. At the moment in our country it is possible to obtain it 15 days after the first Covid vaccine administration. Scientists, however, are concerned about the Delta variant, which spreads more rapidly than the others, and Undersecretary of Health Sileri himself has anticipated in recent days that the Italian pass could conform to the European one. Although for the moment the government has not updated the rules. The green certificate will allow travel for tourism, although yesterday Brussels recommended that Member States also use it for cultural events, such as concerts, theaters and festivals.

How the green pass works

The certificate has a paper and a digital version. The latter can be downloaded directly to your mobile phone and has a QR code, which allows the recognition and reading of the data. The pass also contains a digital signature to prevent forging. Whoever issues the certificate, for example a health facility, has their own digital signature key.

All signature keys are stored in a secure database in each country. The European Commission has created a gateway (a community platform that collects data from all certificates) to ensure that all certificate signatures can be verified anywhere in the EU. During an eventual request to verify the electronic certificate, the app will turn green if the certificate is digitally signed correctly (the signature is done using a private key, password or pin that is in the hands of the certifiers), red if there are any irregularities. But the verification app will not acquire the data, it will only read it, changing color based on whether or not the pass is valid.

How do you get it

The model of the pass is unique, in order to facilitate checks in any state. The electronic green pass will use an application: in Italy it is the Immune and IO apps.

Each state provides a portal that allows you to download documents. In Italy, the pass is issued, in digital and printable format, by the national platform of the Ministry of Health in different ways. The Regions have already issued several green certificates: it will take a period of 6 weeks to make them compatible with the new EU model.

Which vaccines are valid

There is no difference between the vaccines required for the green pass: the four anti Covid serums currently in circulation, and authorized by the EMA, namely Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, are all valid for the purposes of green certification. Individual states will then be able to decide whether to issue the green pass also to EU travelers who have received a different vaccine, for example the Russian Sputnik serum.

Which countries already have the green pass

From today 20 of the 27 countries are ready to use the European green certificate: Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, Ireland, the Netherlands, Romania and Sweden are still missing, which have not yet completed the digital system to connect to the EU platform.