Fuel in the Czech Republic has become cheaper by dozens of pennies over the past week

Fuel in the Czech Republic has become cheaper by dozens of pennies over the past week

Fuels in the Czech Republic have become cheaper by tens of hals over the past week ;řů

Refueling, gas station – illustrative photo.

Prague – Fuel in the Czech Republic has become cheaper by tens of pennies over the past week. The average price of the best-selling gasoline, Natural 95, fell by 33 pennies to 37.54 crowns per liter and the price of diesel by 79 pennies to 33.27 crowns since Wednesday last week. As a result, the increase in the price of gasoline, which began at the turn of March and April, has stopped. Diesel prices have been steadily falling since February. This is according to data from CCS, which tracks prices.

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Gasoline and diesel started to become cheaper at the beginning of this February, when Natural 95 was sold for almost 38 crowns per liter and diesel for more than 37.70 crowns. In the case of diesel, the discount continued without interruption until now, so that since February its price has fallen by almost 4.5 crowns. For gasoline, however, the price reduction was interrupted at the end of March, and the subsequent increase in price until April 18 almost completely erased the previous drop in prices. However, as of Wednesday last week, Natural 95 is being discounted again.

Despite price fluctuations in the case of gasoline, fuel is now significantly cheaper overall than last year, when prices rose sharply after the start of the war in Ukraine. According to CCS data, gasoline is currently 5.16 kroner per liter cheaper than a year ago. Motorists now pay even 11.51 kroner per liter less for diesel than last April.

Drivers currently fill up with the cheapest fuel in the South Bohemian Region, where a liter of gasoline costs an average of 37.09 kroner and a liter of diesel 32. 33 crowns. On the contrary, the most expensive fuels are in Prague, where motorists buy a liter of gasoline for 38.65 crowns on average and diesel for 35.55 crowns per liter.

Average fuel prices in the Czech Republic as of April 26, 2023 (in CZK /l):

< td>Central Bohemia < td>Olomoucky
Region Natural 95 Nafta
ČR 37.54 33.27
Prague 38.65 35.55
37.83 33.96
South Bohemia 37.09 32.33
Pilsen 37.65 33.16
Karlovary 37.34 32.59
Ustice 37.21 32.59
Liberecký 37.53 33.16
Královéhradecky 37.20 32.78
Pardubicky 37.31 32.74
Vysočina 37.59 33.56
South Moravian 37.70 33.85
37.75 33.88
Zlínský 37.34 32.57
Moravian-Silesian 37.33 33.03

Source: CCS