Fuel prices in the Czech Republic have fallen since last week

Fuel prices in the Czech Republic have fallen since last week

Fuels have become cheaper in the Czech Republic since last week

Refueling fuel, gas station – illustrative photo.

Prague – Fuel prices in the Czech Republic have fallen since last week after the previous two weeks of increases. The best-selling gasoline, Natural 95, dropped by three pennies to an average price of CZK 37.80/l, and diesel by 21 pennies to CZK 37.46/l. This is according to data from CCS, which tracks prices. In the next week, according to the analyst, fuel prices should continue to fall, but in the longer term, prices are expected to increase.

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Fuels are currently more expensive than a year ago. At the time, drivers paid roughly one crown less for gasoline, diesel was almost CZK 1.80 cheaper in the first half of last February.

According to Purple Trading analyst Petr Lajsko, the current situation on the international oil market, where its price has fallen, has contributed to the cheapening of fuel. The outlook for the fuel exchange in Rotterdam is positive, the price of gasoline and diesel fell compared to the second half of January. The strong koruna also continues to affect fuel prices, and the embargo on Russian fuels has not yet had a significant impact.

In the following days, according to Lajsko, Czech drivers could expect another slight discount. Lajsek, however, expects a gradual increase in the price of diesel in particular within a few weeks. The reason is the need to import it from new locations such as China, India or the Middle East, which will increase the cost of its transportation and also the traders' margins. “Diesel will probably be more expensive than gasoline again in the future. Its price is also rising due to the fact that it is somewhat forgotten in Europe. However, the demand for diesel is higher and at the same time we are more dependent on imports. Refineries are now concentrating more on to diesel, and thanks to that, the price of gasoline has now jumped above that of diesel,” said Lajsek. However, according to him, motorists in the Czech Republic do not need to worry about a lack of fuel, because European countries have abundantly stocked up.

The cheapest fuels are currently in the South Bohemian Region. A liter of gasoline is sold there for an average of 37.29 CZK, a liter of diesel for 36.79 CZK. On the contrary, gas stations in Prague are the most expensive. They offer a liter of gasoline for an average of CZK 39.17. Diesel costs an average of 39.14 CZK/l in the capital.

Fuels in the Czech Republic have been steadily falling in price since the end of October last year. In the first days of this year, the price rose, then began to fluctuate.

Average fuel prices in the Czech Republic as of February 8, 2023 (in CZK/l):

Kraj Natural 95 Diesel
ČR 37 .80 37.46
Prague 39.17 39.14
Central Bohemia 38.19 37.92
South Bohemia 37.29 36.79
Pilsenský 37.74 37 ,62
Karlová 37.51 37.14
Ustecky 37.30 36.85
Liberecky 37.65 37.12
Královéhradecký 37.31 36.94
Pardubicky 37.62 37.23
Vysočina 38 .07 37.64
South Moravian 38.08 37.79
Olomoucky 38.02 37.82
Zlínský 37.63 37.07
Moravian-Silesian 37.66 37 ,36

Source: C CS