Full LED headlights, how Peugeot’s Matrix Technology works

Full LED headlights, how Peugeot’s Matrix Technology works

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Full LED headlights, how Peugeot’s Matrix Technology works

The projectors and the headlights rear have become key elements of the vehicles. Designed first as safety devices (lighting, signaling), they have also become essential to affirm the identity of a brand. Each car features one luminous signature obtained thanks to LED technology.

Full LED headlights, how they are made

The introduction, in 2012, of the a LED has revolutionized the lighting capabilities and shape of optical groups.

Thanks to their power and compactness, LEDs offer designers greater freedom in the creation of lighting elements, freeing them from the constraints of previous technologies (halogen and xenon) in terms of shape and size, and allowing them to literally play with light.

Typical Peugeot claw shape obtained thanks to LED technology

In terms of technology, the light emitted by an LED still appears whiter than that of the xenon headlights. In fact, this light is blue, but it crosses one phosphorus layer which absorbs a large part of the blue spectrum and gives the LED its very special ultra white color.

In addition to the fact that the LEDs ensure a duration of 10 to 15 times higher to that of halogen lights, are devices a low energy consumption.

Full LED headlights Peugeot Matrix LED Technology

On Peugeot, on all versions, from the first trim level, there are LED headlights. On the fittings GT and GT Packalso new Peugeot 308 And 308 SW adopt projectors full LED adaptive with technology a matrix call Peugeot Matrix LED Technology.

Full LED headlights, how Peugeot’s Matrix Technology works

The new Peugeot 308 adopts full LED adaptive headlights with matrix technology

The daytime running lights feature has a LED light signature a claw shape, introduced in the Peugeot range on the flagship 508 in 2018.

How Peugeot full LED headlights work

The dipped headlights consist of four LEDs combined to form an extremely powerful beam of light. The high beam function is provided by the matrix module consisting of twenty LEDs which add their beam to that of the dipped headlights. This is where the adaptive function of the system, since these twenty modules turn on and off and change their light output individually and continuously, depending on external conditions.

There camera positioned at the top of the windshield analyzes the environment for adapt lighting and intensity of the various LEDs of the matrix. So, the light beam adjusts automatically for optimal lighting, allowing you to keep the high beams active at all times without ever dazzling other vehicles and people.

Full LED headlights, how Peugeot’s Matrix Technology works

Full LED rear lights of the new Peugeot 308 SW

When you approach an oncoming vehicle at night or follow a vehicle in front of you, the Peugeot 308 and 308 SW they analyze the position of these vehicles and the LED headlamps illuminate all around, without blinding other road users.

The high beam segments come in fact turned off around the detected car to create a shadow tunnel, so that the driver of this other vehicle is not dazzled, while the surrounding environment remains well lit.

Peugeot matrix LED headlights, as they go on the road

In addition to ensuring optimal lighting without ever dazzling other motorists, the Peugeot Matrix LED Technology, depending on the external conditions, it is able to automatically switch through different lighting modes.

Full LED headlights, how Peugeot’s Matrix Technology works

Peugeot Matrix LED Technology headlights adapt their brightness according to speed

In urban mode when the vehicle is traveling between 0 and 50 km / h, the dipped headlights are on. In high beam mode at speeds included between 50 and 110 km / h, the front headlamps switch to high beam. This means that light up 100% of their potential, but without dazzling other road users, illuminating around them.

Finally on the motorway, when the speed exceeds 110 km / h for at least 5 seconds, the Peugeot Matrix LED Technology headlamps change the angle of the light beam of the high beams (+ 0.4%) to illuminate further away.

Features, engines, cockpit, the news of the new Peugeot 308

As soon as the vehicle travels for more than 5 seconds to one speed below 90 km / h, the beam of light returns to his original corner opening of the light beam.

New Peugeot 308 photo

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