Furry Cupid: the cat will bring together Gemini and Pisces weekend

Tenderness and trust in the relationship will bring cat “colors of love”.

Пушистый Купидон: Кот сблизит Близнецы и Рыбы в выходные

Valentine’s day is almost nearing completion. The two Zodiacs are lucky enough to prolong the time of love for another two days. Astrologers warn the Russians that the weekend of 15 and 16 February for two signs would be a step in the future. However, there remains a risk of negative from mercury, which can help the Zodiacs and to arrange a test. To bypass the problems on the personal front pair, Gemini and Pisces should take advantage of the simple advice.

The cat has always been a faithful helper of man, and love life and all companion. Furry Cupid is the second name koteyki. If you give your loved one a cat “love the colors” – scandals in the pair sink into oblivion. It is a white or a kitten with a coat of three colors. Black cat could deter the success of the future couple.

Пушистый Купидон: Кот сблизит Близнецы и Рыбы в выходные

Red and Golden Pets combined with the energy of children, so it is important to consider color when choosing fuzzy Cupid. It is important to give the kitten, and not formed by the cat or the cat. Gender also affects the power couples: picking woman “fluffy pet” to buy a cat and a male cat. If it is wrong to choose the gender of your cat – there is a risk of losing femininity and masculinity. The cat will bring together Gemini and Pisces over the weekend, if present cat 15 or 16 February.

Passing pet it is important to experience love, to be positive and not to hide a secret from a partner. This will help not only to demonstrate seriousness of intent, but will also give a chance to become “parents” for the baby. The future of a couple who together “brings” kitten rainbow and happy.

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