Future Yakuza games could get out of Japan

Future Yakuza games could get out of Japan

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Future Yakuza games could get out of Japan

By Rodolfo León
09/09/2021 1:13 pm

The franchise of Yakuza it is certainly undergoing a series of important changes. Now what Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has managed to establish the series as a global success, the team is looking to the future. In a new interview with TheGamer, Kazuki Hosokawa, director of Lost Judgment, revealed that future titles of Yakuza they could leave Japan back and take your characters to new countries.

During the last year, the saga has been quite successful around the world. The launch of Yakuza: Like a Dragon helped the franchise reach 14 million units sold throughout its existence. From now on, all future installments in the series will have turn-based combat as in Like a Dragon, but there is also the possibility that they will no longer be developed in Japan. This would mean that your characters will travel to new countries, explore different locations, discover new mysteries, and face off against adversaries associated with different criminal gangs.

Hosokawa He also reiterated that the studio will seek simultaneous releases worldwide for all of its games. Lost Judgment It will have a worldwide release on September 24 and will continue the brawler-style combat so characteristic of the games of Yakuza. The director explained that while working on Yakuza made him want to create a new IP, and as a result we had Judgment:

“For the last seven years that I have been working at Yakuza, it has made me want to create a new IP. There were definitely a lot of ideas that didn’t get the green light, but one of them that did get approved was Judgment. I wasn’t too worried that the fans wouldn’t accept something different, because I was really in the mood to create something new, because I want to present players with totally different experiences than Yakuza. There are many limitations, because Yakuza serves as the basis, so it is not a totally separate universe, but I am happy that I could have done this and created something new. “

Would you like future games of Yakuza let Japan behind? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Future Yakuza games could get out of Japan

Via: TheGamer

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Future Yakuza games could get out of Japan

Rodolfo Leon

Editor at atomix.vg Gamer, movie buff and pop culture lover.

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