Gaia Mesiah will release a new album and begin a tour on March 10

The band Gaia Mesiah will release a new album and start a tour on March 10

Singer Marka Rybin (left) and guitarist Santa Morella (real name Kateřina Ryšavá) from the rock group Gaia Mesiah (pictured on January 14, 2019).

Prague – The rock quartet Gaia Mesiah will release a new album VLNO?BYTÍ on March 10 and will start a tour on the same day at the Náplavka club in Hradec Králové. It will include concert baptisms on April 12 in Prague's Roxy club and on April 27 in Brno's Fléda. The recording contains 12 songs, most of which are new songs, the exceptions being last year's single NeNe and another song sung in Czech, Královstvi, which was already on the previous studio album Excellent Mistake. But now it comes out in an acoustic version. Silva Marková informed ČTK about this on behalf of the band.

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“On the new album, we return to the roots of our work and to the music that has always influenced us and still influences us,” said guitarist Kateřina Ryšavá, performing under the stage name Santa Morella.

“It's got everything that Gaia is famous for. Signature guitar riffs and bass grooves, emotional drums and the amazing vocals of Marka Rybin, who can be both sweet and menacing at the same time,” added bassist Josh Stewart.

The band Gaia Mesiah in 2019, after a long hiatus, she returned to the scene with the album Excellent Mistake, when the band went on hiatus in 2008 after the departure of frontwoman Marka Rybin and an unsuccessful attempt to restore the group in collaboration with singer Viktor Dyk. After returning to the original line-up, the band sold out two concerts in Prague's Acropolis in 2016. Morella described the current constellation within the band as joyful. “There has never been such a combination of energy and human understanding between us,” she declared.

The group Gaia Mesiah was formed in 2001. Since then, they have released the eponymous samizdate EP, the studio albums Ocean and Alpha Female, and the concert Thank You Dr . Beat. Live. After the album Excellent Mistake, the return of the energetic concert quartet was documented by the atypical live album Refresh In Golden Hive Live.