Galaxy owner Korosek: “The fans should say at home: wow”

Galaxy owner Korosek: “The fans should say at home: wow”

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Galaxy owner Korosek: “The fans should say at home: wow”

Frankfurt Galaxy started the season of the European League of Football with one defeat (15:17 in Hamburg) and one win (42:20 in Stuttgart). Are you satisfied with your first appearances in this new league?

We are very satisfied. The games have shown how close the teams in the league are. In Stuttgart you saw that there was a team on the field that absolutely wanted to win. We are very satisfied with that too. Especially when you consider that this was after an 18 month break.

This Sunday (3 p.m., Stadium on Bornheimer Hang) the first home game is about to begin. How will Galaxy play against the Breslau Panthers?

We have received approval from the Frankfurt Health Department to be able to play in front of spectators and will be the first major event in Frankfurt with four-digit visitor numbers. We have received a clearance for 3000 viewers. Due to the seating arrangements in the stadium, we will be able to seat 1,800 spectators. We’re really looking forward to it. The fans will of course get a power party. But we still have to see what the corona requirements are like. That means that we can’t celebrate as excessively as we know from past football events in Frankfurt. We must appeal to everyone’s discipline and make sure that everything runs smoothly. But the fans should go home and say: Wow!

What are the safety requirements for the audience?

Every fan has a personalized ticket. He has to show his ID. And he must have a negative test no older than 24 hours. Or show that he is fully vaccinated or fully recovered. Strict distance rules apply in the stadium. Only families or households are allowed to sit together. In addition, mouth and nose protection must be worn during the entire event, including on site.

“We are very satisfied”: Alexander Korosek on the start of Frankfurt Galaxy

Image: Jan Huebner

How great is the interest in tickets?

We could probably sell a lot more cards. For the first home game that would easily have been 5000 tickets. Of course, something like this would not be so easy to handle without disregarding the distance rules in the stadium. But we have this corona situation and we have to make the best of it.

How many games is your club planning to play in the World Cup arena?

We would of course like to play a lot of games there. But we also have to see how the pandemic develops. The stadium on Bornheimer Hang is our home stadium. Regarding possible games in the big arena, we are unfortunately not yet able to make a statement. That would be like reading glass balls.

Do you think that Galaxy can really build on the performances of the NFL Europe club of the same name?

We are not the old, but the new Galaxy. Anyone who had anything to do with the club up to 2007 still knows the number of spectators (often more than 40,000; editor’s note) and the size of the stadium. But we are on the way there. And we aim to become a professional league. We are currently building a professional league. Of course, this kind of thing takes time. It is difficult to determine a point in time here. But the wish is there.