Garbage collection during quarantine, the utility has introduced additional operation in the work (VIDEO)

Вывоз мусора во время карантина: коммунальщики ввели дополнительную операцию в работе (ВИДЕО)

During quarantine the specialized municipal enterprise “Complex of household waste export” works in a usual mode.

The staff, as usual, doing everything to the trash was taken out in time and were utilized on spetspoligone.

“Our company is operating normally. The personnel of the enterprise is delivered to the workplace — we have organized the delivery personnel. The entire staff provided antiseptics, disinfectants, masks, respirators, gloves — all in full. Removal schedule revised. Due to the large number of people quarantined at home — musoroprovodnaja became more. Accordingly, revised schedules and routes, housekeeping, logistics, the whole scheme,” – said the chief of logistics and dispatching KP “CITV” Artem Semikopenko.

Of the Central districts of Kharkov, adds Artem Semikopenko, the waste is transported mostly in the evening. Of the residential day. If there is a need, displays additional machine. The modern technique of Ford, which had almost renewed the fleet of the company.

Also during the quarantine, the utility has introduced one additional procedure – decontamination of containers. It is executed according to the schedule summarized in KP.

“The company has a specialized garbage truck, which is equipped with washing containers. In this unit adds a special chemical compounds that disinfect containers. Additionally processed pen containers wheel containers, container platforms for the safety of our residents from viruses and unwanted diseases,” – said Artem Semikopenko.

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