Gastroenterologist said about the link between heartburn and esophageal cancer

This unpleasant and annoying to many people the symptom of heartburn can cause cancer of the esophagus. This was told by a gastroenterologist Victoria Kovalevich.

Гастроэнтеролог рассказала о связи между изжогой и раком пищевода

According to the specialist, reflux disease, which is accompanied by heartburn, develops due to contact with stomach contents directly into the esophagus. The reason for this is weakness of the sphincter – muscle ring that separates the two bodies from each other. Some specific reasons for which the sphincter no longer fully close, no. This may be a result of diet, lifestyle, physiological characteristics. Most often heartburn is manifested when eating spicy or acidic foods. In addition, this symptom can cause vegetables, kvass, soda, fruits, which lead to increased flatulence. In order to less likely to deal with heartburn, the doctor advised to limit in your diet of alcohol, coffee, chocolate, fresh bread and other baked goods. In addition, you should avoid too cold or too hot food.

If reflux disease will be triggered and people with this condition do not receive proper treatment, warns a gastroenterologist, it can develop into a precancerous condition in the future to provoke cancer.

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