Genoa transfer, Preziosi admits: “I’m tired … there are the basics”

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Genoa transfer, Preziosi admits: “I’m tired … there are the basics”

The rossoblù president appeared confident, but also admitted that he could remain in the company even after the sale. With the role of sports director?

Developments, secrets, negotiations, the obligation of silence that slowly is going to crumble as we approach the hypothetical dates for the definitive closure. The negotiation for the sale of Genoa apparently continues at full speed. This is confirmed by the number one of Genoa himself, Enrico Preziosi: “As of today, I am the president of this club and I decide things. The future is open, I hope this time there is concreteness but I think I can say that the basics I am there. I am quite tired: there is always a moment to start and one to finish. I cannot leave Genoa to the unwary, it is a club with a history, which has never failed and which deserves respect. , I have respected Genoa. The long and difficult negotiations that are underway could lead the club to a future that some would not expect. “


Then, the rossoblù patron let himself go to some comments on the American fund interested in the Grifone: “The interlocutor is serious, I expect that we will arrive at concrete facts, a sale and the consequent possibility of turning, giving Genoa a future different”. The sale of the company shares, however, could only be a goodbye and not a definitive farewell: “You don’t know the agreements that I and the counterparty have. Even if things will materialize, I will still remain linked to the company: 19 years of history do not they can be canceled, even though someone is raging against me “.


A few hours after the closing of the summer transfer market session, Preziosi, during his telephone intervention to the local broadcaster Telenord, also commented on the recently concluded transfer campaign: “This is the strongest team ever set up in the last 7-8 years, I did my best to ensure that we no longer suffer. Then it will be the pitch that will agree with me or deny me, but compared to the past we have something more: we have taken players who do not need any introduction, they are not bets, they have a history and a professionalism to be put at the service of Genoa “. The best purchase? “Right. During the market there are situations that change from one day to the next, the reactions of the players. I am proud that Mattia has decided to stay at Genoa, with Caicedo he forms a very important couple. “And on the telenovela Lammers, which ended with the transfer of the Dutch striker to Germany:” We had an agreement with Atalanta: if the player were he was sold to Italy, he would come to Genoa. The prosecutor preferred that he go to Germany and we let him go. It was not destiny. “

August 31 – 10:19 pm