Germany allowed euthanasia at the legislative level

Германия разрешила эвтаназию на законодательном уровне

Now in Germany the doctors will advise to patients who want to euthanize, and even to provide drugs, leading to death.

Doctors themselves will not be able to use these drugs on patients, according

From 2015, organisations that promote euthanasia even for the terminally ill patients, was outlawed. For material interest in the procedure or one-time grant assistance could be imprisoned up to 3 years and fined.

Euthanasia is

Deliberate termination of life to alleviate human pain and suffering

At the same time citizens who wanted to leave life voluntarily, and do it anyway, go to those countries where euthanasia is allowed: Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium or Luxembourg.

Германия разрешила эвтаназию на законодательном уровне

In Germany the right to die on their own belongs to the personal rights of the person / Unsplash

Thus, the court decided that the right to die on their own belongs to personal human rights. Now in Germany a terminally ill person has the right to commit suicide or to enlist the help of a third party.

Despite this, the court decision does not mean that the legislators would be able to regulate the activities of organisations that promote euthanasia.

There are three types of euthanasia:

  • Voluntary – is provided with the patient’s consent is permitted in Belgium, Colombia, the Netherlands and Canada;
  • Non-voluntary – when the consent of the patient is unavailable, and this kind of euthanasia is prohibited in all countries;
  • Involuntary – without the knowledge or without the consent of the patient. This phenomenon is also illegal and is considered murder;

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