“Germs, go!”: mom made a video like three-year-old twins are “debating” about quarantine before going to sleep

“Germs, go!”: mom made a video like three-year-old twins are “debating” about quarantine before I sleep Author: Alina Dykman Photo: TikTok/@megan.elizabeth.x3 TikTok Alabama viral video US news the social network «Микробы, уходите!»: мама сняла видео, как трехлетние близнецы «дискутируют» о карантине перед сном

If, like millions of people, you are now on quarantine, you’ll have some fun with these twins from Alabama.

Two three-year old boy from Alabama became the heroes of one of the most positive videos on quarantine issues in TikTok. In the video, the twins “to discuss a quarantine situation” after the mother sent them to bed.

As of Tuesday morning, the video has gained over 122,000 views in society TikTok.

“We’re under quarantine, “says one of the boys in the beginning of the video sitting on the floor with his brother in their shared bedroom.

“Yes, – answers the other. – We are in quarantine”.

@megan.elizabeth.x3The 2 funniest people I know! They usually talk about what happened that day while I put the baby to sleep ##quarantine ##pillowfight ##humor ##brothers

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Then the twins begin to repeat the phrase: “Germs, go away!”, and then quickly turn the conversation to the fact that spring is not far off.

In the following video, the boys pillow fight, waving them and saying “Go away, germs!”. One eventually manages to knock the other down.

In the remaining part of the video they “stop each other’s work”, pretending to “clean each other’s batteries” – tactics, which they allegedly copied from her mother.

Mom of boys, Megan Sanchez, told Today.com that her twins will never miss an opportunity to talk before going to sleep.

“For me it’s like dessert after dinner: watch and listen to what funny things they say”, said Megan.

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