GF Vip: Francesca Cipriani and Amedeo Goria arrive

GF Vip: Francesca Cipriani and Amedeo Goria arrive

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GF Vip: Francesca Cipriani and Amedeo Goria arrive

Francesca Cipriani and Amedeo Goria have just entered the Big Brother Vip. The two, arrived in Cadillac, immediately got noticed and, after a short presentation, added the other competitors in the most spied on house in Italy!

“I’m Francesca Cipriani, the woman more pumped than TV“.

said the popular showgirl in its presentation clip.

“After 15 years I’m still here”

he added then, recalling his experience in 2006 to the GF, from which it was launched. The woman, however, also participated in others reality, like the Island of the Famous, and took part in various movies.

“Who judges me is who I am envy and would like to be carefree like me!”

he continued, always radiant And happy. After her, then, it was the turn of Amedeo Goria, who introduced himself talking about his work and his relations.

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“I had one long journalistic career, first in the newspapers then in TV”

he said, explaining that he was there busy especially of football. Man, who has remembered his relationship with Maria Teresa Ruta, today he is engaged to the very young girl Vera which, apparently, she is still not sure she has accepted man’s decision to enter the most spied house in Italy… Also because he wants to cross there Red Door “As a single”.