Ghost ship washed ashore during hurricane Dennis. He drifted for two years

Ghost ship washed ashore during hurricane Dennis. He drifted for two years Author: Victoria Semenova Ghost Ship, abandoned in 2018, tossed to the shores of Ireland after a storm “Dennis” Photo: Michael Mac Sweeney Europe Ireland ship hurricane Корабль-призрак вынесло на берег во время урагана "Дэннис". Он дрейфовал два года

An abandoned ship washed up on the coast of Ireland after recently raged a storm “Dennis”. It was abandoned in 2018, and had since drifted without a team.

Cargo ship MV Alta was discovered off the coast of the Irish village of Ballycotton, County cork, on Sunday February 16. Presumably, the ship belonged to Tanzania and Panama and was abandoned during the rescue operation in October 2018. The ship was on route from Greece to Haiti, when suddenly, there was a significant failure, causing the crew consisted of ten people, was forced to drift 20 days.

The sailors were rescued after asking for help on the radio. The team has exhausted their stocks and were left without food and water and was forced to abandon the ship, which was located in 2220 km off the coast of Bermuda. Since then, the 77-metre Ghost ship drifting to the East.

“It went all the way from the African coast to the West from Spanish and English to the Irish coast.” – tells of the discovery of John Tatton, head manual for lifeboat Ballycotton RNLI. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The ship washed ashore by the strong wind and the storm provoked by hurricane Dennis, which raged in Europe last weekend. Meteorological service of great Britain described the hurricane as “life-threatening” and warning of powerful wind and heavy rain.

The coast guard will continue to monitor the situation to determine whether MV Alta danger to the environment.

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