Girl 4 years old from Iowa lost his sight and received severe brain damage because of the flu

Девочка 4 лет из Айовы потеряла зрение и получила обширное повреждение мозга из-за гриппаGirl 4 years old from Iowa lost his sight and received severe brain damage because of the flu Author: Elena Abdulaeva the Girl lost vision and got brain damage because of the flu Photo: Iowa flu children USA news USA USA

Girl 4 years old from Iowa got brain damage and lost his sight after he was sick with the flu over the holidays, as told by her family.

Jade Delucia told relatives that he feels unwell on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day she was found unconscious and immediately taken to the hospital, according to KWWL.

Grandma jade Courtney Frey said that the child’s parents did not attach much importance to the fact that she got sick, when the high temperature rose to 37.8 degrees Celsius. But in the hospital she started having seizures and she was transported to children’s hospital of the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Magnetic resonance imaging showed extensive brain damage.

Frey told KWWL that the doctors ran some tests and found that she had influenza B, “who was in her brain”. She explained: “the Situation was very dangerous. She couldn’t breathe. The flu developed in her lungs. Her brain is swollen”.

A week after she first became ill, jade was awake. Holding back tears, Frey recalls: “She opened her eyes and started moving her little hands, and we just started to see her slowly coming back to us”.

Amanda Phillips, the girl’s mother, wrote on Facebook Wednesday that by next week her daughter can be discharged. She shared a video of a child playing with a toy drum, and explained that she can’t see. Amanda said that the girl visited doctor and said that her eyes are healthy. The family is waiting for news that the vision will come back to her or that she was blind. “We’ve been preparing for this moment, so it was not a shock for us”,- she wrote.

Frey urged parents who are concerned about the health of their children, immediately lead them to the doctor.

Every year the flu affects millions of children. Experts advise parents to vaccinate children against the disease because of the vaccine “gives you the best protection against flu and its potentially serious consequences and may reduce transmission of the disease to others”.

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