Girl scouts have found hot spots for profit on cookies point of sale of marijuana

Девочки-скауты нашли злачные места для наживы на печенье - точки продажи марихуаны

The Chicago scouts are cashing in on the legalization of cannabis – they sell cookies near the special clinics, where legally sell marijuana and make huge profits.

These girls scouts clearly have an entrepreneurial streak. Hardworking group has sold hundreds of boxes of their signature cookies, setting your point about the dispensary, where people can legally buy cannabis. This weekend the scouts have earned a large amount by selling their famous cookies near Dispensary33 in the area Andersonville – 430 boxes in just 4 hours.

“The cookies that they sell, and our clientele is a perfect match,” said Abigail Watkins (Watkins Abigail), marketing Manager and working with the clients of the dispensary.

According to Melissa Soukup, leader of the local scout troop Brownie Girl, a company divided between different competing groups.

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