Golfer Davidson Spilková was fourth for the third time in the season

Golfer Davidson Spilková was fourth for the third time in the season

Golfer Davidson Spilkova was fourth for the third time this season

Illustration photo – Women's golf tournament Tipsport Czech Ladies Open of the Ladies European Tour, June 26, 2022, Beroun. Klára Spilková.

Helsingborg (Sweden) – Czech golfer Klara Davidson Spilková narrowly missed her second consecutive top three finish at the Ladies European Tour tournament in Helsingborg. The 28-year-old native of Prague gradually improved in Sweden and, with a result of 8 shots under par, finished fourth for the third time in the LET season.

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Davidson Spilková, who was second in her previous start two weeks ago in Florida, opened the three-day Helsingborg Open in par for 22nd. On Saturday, she improved by two shots and moved to 12th position, and in today's final she even played six shots under par, which earned her a move just below the imaginary podium.

She played a round of 66 at the tournament apart from Davidson Spilková, only Finka Noora Komulainenová. The finish itself was great for the Czech golfer: she scored six shots under par on the last seven holes, on which she played four birdies and one eagle.

Davidson Spilková was fourth this year also at the March tournaments in Johannesburg and Singapore. The two-time Czech Olympian was three shots short of the victory, which was won by home Lisa Pettrssonová. Spain's Ana Peláez was second, one stroke behind, and Denmark's Smilla Sönderby finished third one stroke back.

Kristýna Napoleová took 61st place at the tournament with a subsidy of 300,000 euros, Šideri Váňová did not pass the cut on Saturday and finished second hundred.

Spilková started June full of golf in Helsingborg. She had tournament starts planned for four weeks in a row: Stockholm, Berlin and finally the home Tipsport Czech Ladies Open in Berouna on June 23-25.

Ladies European Tour golf tournament in Helsingborg (subsidy 300,000 euros, par 72):

1. Petterssonová (Sweden) 205 (70+68+67), 2. Peláezová (Sp.) 206 (68+69+69), 3. Sönderbyová (Dan.) 207 (71+68+68), 4. Davidson Spilková 208 (72+70+66), …61. Napoleaová 222 (72+76+74), 119. Váňová (all Czech Republic) 157 (81+76).