Goodbye Iron man!  Robert Downey Jr to be a spy in the sympathizer

Goodbye Iron man! Robert Downey Jr to be a spy in the sympathizer

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Goodbye Iron man!  Robert Downey Jr to be a spy in the sympathizer

As detailed by Deadline, Robert Downey Jr. is about to return to major productions in one of his first major roles since finishing his job as Iron Man. Not to mention Dolittle.

In this case, the 56-year-old actor will leave the superhero costume on the hanger and He will co-star in The Sympathizer, a project produced by renowned filmmaker A24, commissioned by HBO. The title is an adaptation of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name, written by the Vietnamese-American novelist. Viet Thanh Nguyen.

Likewise, the aforementioned media has reported that Park chan-wook, recognized for his work on Oldboy, will direct the show and also serve as co-showrunner alongside Don McKellar. The pair will join Downey Jr. in executive production, where they will co-star with Susan Downey, Amanda Burrell, Niv Fichman and Kim Ly.

Robert Downey Jr.

“Adapting the important and masterful work of Mr. Nguyen requires a visionary team. With Director Park at the helm, I hope this will be a creative production adventure for Susan, myself, and the Downey team, and an exhilarating process for me as I play these complex supporting roles. A24 and HBO are the perfect combination of partners and co-sponsors. It’s exactly the kind of challenge I’ve been looking forward to, and I think we’ll deliver an exceptional viewing experience to our audiences, ”the former avenger told Deadline.

The sympathizer is the latest collaboration between the companies mentioned above, as the two have already worked together on the hit show Euphoria, starring Zendaya. With that, there is no doubt that expectations are high.

As for the plot, the specialized portal Collider explains that the literary work is described as a satirical espionage thriller about the adventures of a communist spy during the last days of the Vietnam War and his subsequent exile to the United States.

In that sense, it has transpired that the filmmakers are in search of the actor to play this role, as well as those who can give life to the rest of the cast, mostly Vietnamese.