Google will cut 25% of the salary of the employees who maintain the home office

Google will cut 25% of the salary of the employees who maintain the home office

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Google will cut 25% of the salary of the employees who maintain the home office

The pandemic made the home office settle down definitely as a new way of working from home. When home confinement was decreed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in many parts of the world, companies and workers were forced to adapt and continue their tasks remotely.

In May, Google, one of the world’s largest companies, asked its employees about their future job preferences. The results were amazing. About 10,000 workers asked to work remotely or relocate to a new office. Of all these requests, the company accepted 85%.

Now, the salary of Google employees, with the headquarters located in the same office as before the pandemic, It could be affected depending on whether they remotely work permanently or not. According to an internal salary calculator accessed by Reuters, Google will cut the wages of employees who choose to telecommute.

It is an experiment that is being carried out in Silicon Valley and that could set trends for other large companies In the not too distant future. According to this calculator, the salary of the teleworking employee adapts based on cost of living where it resides and how far it is from the office.

Google said that it will calculate the salary of its employees based on the cost of living where it resides. Photo: AP

That is, if an employee who lives in Stamford (Connecticut), an hour from New York City by train, worked from home, she would receive 15% less of her salary. On the other hand, another employee who works in the same office and who lives in New York, would not see cuts in her salary if she also decides to telecommute.

Screenshots accessed by Reuters show differences of 5% and 10% in the Seattle, Boston and San Francisco areas.

A Google source assures that the company the salary will not change of an employee based on whether he works from the office in New York or is completely out of town. “To employees working in the New York office they will be paid the same as those who work remotely from another location, “says a company source.

Big companies like Google tend to set trends and influence decision-making at other companies like Facebook and Twitter, which have already warned workers planning to move to other less expensive cities that their salary will be cut drastically.

Instead, smaller tech companies like Reddit and Zillow say they will pay the same regardless of where employees live. Microsoft and Airbnb have opted for a hybrid model.

Microsoft requires vaccination

One of Google’s industry rivals, Microsoft, recently joined the list of technology companies that require workers to be vaccinated to return to the offices.

The expected date at the moment for the complete reopening of Microsoft’s headquarters will be October 4, according to the computer giant, Amazon’s neighbor in Washington state.

“From September we will also require vaccination tests of all employees, vendors and visitors who enter Microsoft buildings in the United States, “the company responded to a question from AFP.

Google will cut 25% of the salary of the employees who maintain the home office

Photo: Reuters

Microsoft and other technology companies announced that they are closely monitoring the evolution of the pandemic and adapt their plans as the situation changes, keeping the health of your employees top priority.

For its part, the online commerce giant Amazon confirmed that postponed the return of its employees to corporate offices until January, instead of September as expected.

“We require that employees wear chinstraps in our offices, with the exception of those who can be verified that they are fully vaccinated, “they specified from Amazon.

The spike in infections due to the delta variant of the virus has set off alarms in that country, where more than 600,000 people have died during the pandemic.

Google will cut 25% of the salary of the employees who maintain the home office

Microsoft plans to return its employees from October, but with proof of vaccination. Photo: Xinhua

Google and Facebook They were among the global companies that left offices quickly last year, favoring teleworking to avoid the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the offices.

“We will have a procedure for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons, and we will evaluate our procedures in regions where the situation evolves,” they commented from the social network.

Several unions and critics have rejected the demand for vaccination, which according to them affects individual freedoms.

Microsoft said it will accommodate employees who are not vaccinated for medical or religious reasons.

The fear of the rebound of the pandemic also delays the return to the financial sector office. Investment giant Black Rock has warned its workers in the United States that it has extended its “re-acclimatization period” for a month starting in October.

Wells Fargo and US Bank they also delayed the return to the offices, according to a CNN report.