Governor Schiller will convene a crisis team due to the bark wood in Northern Switzerland

Governor Schiller will convene a crisis team due to the bark wood in Northern Switzerland

Hejtman Schiller convened a crisis štáb because of bark wood in Č. Švýtsarsku

Felled trees attacked by bark beetles along the road by the Doubický stream in the National Park České Švýcarsko in a picture taken on October 22, 2021. Most of the attacked forests in the park will be left to spontaneously regenerate.

Ústí nad Labem – The Governor of the Ústí Region Jan Schiller (ANO) will convene a crisis team within two weeks due to the concern of some mayors about the possible danger of the bark wood accumulated in the Czech Switzerland National Park catching fire. The opposition representatives for STAN requested the convocation of the staff. Firefighters and representatives of the park administration will comment on the situation at the crisis team. Among other things, due to the bark beetle disaster, some routes in the area are closed and work on the Hřebenovka tourist route has been delayed.

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There is a high risk of falling trees and their parts throughout the national park. The reason for this is the large-scale decay of spruce cultures weakened by the long-lasting drought and subsequently attacked by the spruce borer, the park administration informs on the website.

Last summer, a fire affected 1,600 hectares of land near Hřensk. According to regional representative Filip Ušák (STAN), some mayors in the Děčín region are concerned about the amount of bark wood around Mezná and Jetřichovice. According to the governor, the firemen and the park administration must comment on the danger posed by the dry and hot weather that prevailed during the holidays last year.

Due to the bark beetle disaster, the new Hřebenovka hiking trail in Bohemian Switzerland was not completed on time. Deputy Governor Jiří Řehák (Allies for the Region) told ČTK that the new deadline is the end of August this year. Another section of the route, which will be 100 kilometers long, is also being prepared.

The logging of wood left over from the summer fire continues on the access road to Pravčická brána from Tří Premenů. It is always open for tourists from Friday to Sunday, from Monday to Thursday wood is harvested there, and the park administration warns that people should not enter the area during this time due to the high risk of injury.