Grace Kelly, from Queen of Hollywood to Princess of Monaco

Grace Kelly, from Queen of Hollywood to Princess of Monaco

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Grace Kelly, from Queen of Hollywood to Princess of Monaco

Grace Kelly, from Queen of Hollywood to Princess of Monaco

Actress Grace Kelly in ‘Catch a Thief’.

Hitchcock’s favorite actress only worked in Hollywood for six years and prolonged her status as a myth by marrying Prince Rainier.

Grace Kelly, from Queen of Hollywood to Princess of Monaco

From a very young age, her dream was to be famous and faith that she achieved it. She is the only woman who, without royal origins, has had two simultaneous titles, queen and princess. Grace Kelly, sophisticated and elegant actress, delicate, beautiful and elegant female presence in the Hollywood cinema of the 50s.
Grace Kelly, muse and favorite actress of director Alfred Hitchcock, with whom he made ‘Perfect Crime’, ‘Rear Window’ and ‘Catch a Thief’, She would go from being the Queen of Hollywood to the Princess of Monaco.

Grace Patricia Kelly (Philadelphia, November 12, 1929 – Monte Carlo, Monaco, September 15, 1982)
He was born into a well-known and wealthy Philadelphia family. She studies at a Catholic school where she receives a strict education, debuting as an actress in a children’s role at the age of six. When she finished her studies, she decided to take acting classes at the American of Dramatic Arts and later did work as a model, the Neigborhood Playhouse and Broadway.

Soon, in search of better horizons, he moved to New York where he worked in advertising, advertising hats, vacuum cleaners, tobacco and beers. In 1949 she made her debut in the theater with ‘The Heiresses’ by Henry James. During the following years he participated in several television programs until Henry Hathaway offered him a role in the film ‘Fourteen Hours’, with which he made his film debut in 1951.
A year later he participated in Fred Zinneman’s western ‘Alone in the face of danger’ where he shared the limelight and had a romantic relationship with Gary Cooper. This was precisely the film that would launch her to fame, and the one that would start a successful career.

In 1953 she was nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actress for Mogambo ‘, directed by John Ford, along with Clark Gable (with whom she had another steamy romance during filming), and Ava Gardner. The Oscar was won the following year in the category of best actress for
‘The anguish of living’. Despite the fact that he only worked on eleven films during the six years that his film career lasted, he became one of the great Hollywood myths. That same year he premiered with William Holden the war drama
‘The bridges of Toko-Ri’by Mark Robson.

Grace Kelly with Clark Gable, with whom she lived an affair, in ‘Mogambo’. The actress in ‘High Society’ and ‘Rear Window’.

Alfred Hitchcock claims her, fascinated by her style, beauty, and blonde hair. His first encounter with ‘the wizard of suspense’ was in
‘Perfect Crime’ (1954) which earned him an honor roll among Alfred Hitchcock’s icy blondes, and an absolute prominence. Hitchcock personally took care of the wardrobe of Kelly’s character, making it evolve from the colorism at the beginning to the darker tones at the end of the story. That was one of the most prolific years of the actress, as she also took part in
‘Green Fire’ (1954), by Andrew Marton, who returned him to exotic adventures, this time with Stewart Granger, and immediately repeated under Hitchcock in
‘Rear Window’ (1954), one of his masterpieces. And a year later Hitchcock called her again as the protagonist of ‘Catch a Thief’, alongside Cary Grant, who is filming on the Côte d’Azur, between Cannes and Monaco.

During the filming of ‘Catch a Thief’, she meets Prince Rainier of Monaco, whom he would see again at the Cannes Film Festival, starting an idyll, which would cause his brilliant career of successes to end in 1956 when he married Prince Rainier of Monaco. A fairy tale come true. A ceremony filmed in technicolor, which would become one of the most famous weddings of the 20th century on April 16, 1956.

But before his wedding he still had to shoot one last film that required a contract
, ‘High society’, by Charles Vidor. Become Princess of Monaco, she carries out her new office with elegance and distinction, helping with her presence to make Monaco a fashionable place and that the battered coffers of the principality were soon filled with foreign currency, which was the intention of Rainier when converting to the queen of Hollywood in Monegasque princess.


Grace Kelly wins the Oscar for best actress for ‘The Anguish of Living’ in 1955.

Although Grace Kelly had various offers to return to the cinema, she never did, fully assuming her new facet, dedicating herself body and soul to giving splendor to the small Monegasque state with her husband Rainier, and educating her three children, Princess Carolina Prince Albert and Princess Estefanía, who would be the only ones who with their rebellion give him some displeasure at this stage of his life. Grace brought her support and ideas to countless charities. She was the President of the Monegasque Red Cross, created a village for orphaned children and was in charge of numerous charitable and cultural activities, such as the famous Monte Carlo circus festival, or the creation of a literary prize.

On September 15, 1982 he died in a mysterious car accident on a highway in the principality, the same one where years before she had filmed ‘Catch a thief’, without it ever being definitively clear whether it was she or her daughter Estefanía who was driving the vehicle. His tomb is next to the main altar of the Monte Carlo Cathedral.