Grand Hotel – Intrigues and passions: previews, plot, cast (15 August)

Grand Hotel – Intrigues and passions: previews, plot, cast (15 August)

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Grand Hotel – Intrigues and passions: previews, plot, cast (15 August)

Grand Hotel – Intrigues and passions: the previews (plot and cast) of today’s episode, August 15th

Tonight, Sunday 15 August 2021, on Canale 5 at 21.25 the tenth episode of the Spanish TV series Grand Hotel – Intrigues and passions, a successful fiction set in a luxury hotel in the early twentieth century, is aired for the first time. A gripping period-drama, where history combines comedy with mystery. Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, the series has achieved great international success, crossing Spanish borders with various adaptations and re-releases in over 30 countries, including France, Iran, Turkey, Uruguay and the United Kingdom. But let’s see together all the advances in detail on the tenth episode of today.


Complicated relationships, loves, lies, secrets and betrayals are the main ingredients of the story that takes the viewer to an era of elegance and nobility, inside the magnificent Grand Hotel, the historic and iconic ‘Palacio de la Magdalena’, in Santander – for the first time used as a filming location – and in the seductive frames of woods and beaches that surround the spaces. Set in 1905, it is the story of the young man of humble origins, Julio Olmedo, who reached the Grand Hotel to visit his sister Cristina, who works there as the floor manager. Here Julio discovers that no one has known anything for over a month. Remaining as a waiter, Julio investigates the disappearance of his sister and in the meantime falls in love with Alicia, one of the daughters of Dona Teresa, the owner of the hotel. Together, the two will discover the secrets kept within the walls of the building. In the hotel nobody is as they seem, nobody is free from suspicion. Everyone seems to be cheating and lying.

Grand Hotel – Intrigues and passions: the previews of today’s episode

Each evening, aired on Sundays on Channel 5, consists of two episodes. Agent Ayala proves Alicia’s innocence. Then Julio, Alicia and Ayala investigate the reason that prompted Alicia’s father to leave a house to Yanes as an inheritance. Alicia and Julio continue to investigate Don Carlos’ death. Meanwhile, Javier stages a fake kidnapping to pocket the ransom money.

Cast: actors and characters

We have seen the previews of the tenth episode of Grand Hotel aired on August 15, the series produced by the Spanish Bambù Produciones, which already boasts three seasons, but who are the actors of the cast? Among the protagonists we find Pedro Alonso (Berlin from La casa di Carta), Megan Montaner (the most beloved in The Secret), Yon Gonzalez (The Suspect, El internado, The girls at the switchboard), Marta Hazas (Rebel heart, El internado, Velvet). The historical consultant of the series is Juan Jose Luna, current chief curator of the Prado Museum. Below are the main characters and their respective cast actors.

  • Julio Olmedo is the protagonist of the series. The boy comes from a family that does not have great economic possibilities; however, he is as destitute as he is obstinate, courageous and enterprising: he is willing to do anything to find his sister. Julio is played by Yon González, Francisco Gómez from The Girls at the Switchboard, Spanish TV series Netflix.
  • Alicia Alarcón Aldecoa is the daughter of the owner of the hotel, and the betrothed of the manager of the same. The beautiful heiress, who is the valiant heroine, will see all her future plans go up in smoke the exact moment she sets her sights on the newcomer. Alicia is played by Amaia Salamanca.
  • Diego Murquía is the manager of the hotel and the future husband of Alicia, therefore also the future owner of the structure. Diego, who is the ruthless antagonist, is played by Pedro Alonso, an actor known for playing Andrés de Fonollosa, better known as Berlin, in Netflix’s hit Spanish TV series The Paper House.
  • Doña Teresa Aldecoa is the matriarch of the wealthy family, and the only owner of the hotel. The woman has only her daughters left: she is a widow. Doña Teresa is played by Adriana Ozores.
  • Cristina Olmedo is Julio’s younger sister first fired and then disappeared. Cristina is played by Paula Prendes.
  • Maite Rebelles is Alicia’s best friend. Elegant, ambitious and witty, she continued her studies to become one of the first lawyers in Spain. Maite is played by Megan Montaner, the famous Pepa from Il Segreto.