GreedFall Gold Edition is now available on Xbox

GreedFall Gold Edition is now available on Xbox

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GreedFall Gold Edition is now available on Xbox

Enjoy a great role-playing experience at GreedFall Gold Edition, which is already available in Xbox. In this acclaimed RPG developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive We will explore unknown lands on a secluded island full of magic, lost secrets, riches and fantastic creatures.

On GreedFall Gold Edition We will decide the fate of a new world in which we can make great friendships or blatantly betray our companions and entire factions through diplomacy, deception and force. The decision is within our reach.

GreedFall Gold Edition is now available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

GreedFall Gold Edition It offers us various missions and objectives that we can complete through combat, diplomacy, deception or stealth. We will have the option to choose if we want to play with a male or female character, but that is not all, since we can also customize their appearance and abilities as spells.

We will be able to explore a vast magical world that hides ancient secrets guarded by supernatural creatures. This edition also includes The by Vespe Conspiracy, an expansion where we will circumvent a network of intrigue, manipulation and more secrets.

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We will face a perverse conspiracy that could jeopardize the balance of power. We will be able to explore a new region of the island, fight against new beasts and a new faction of enemies as we embark on our search for the truth. This expansion features new enemies, a new region, outfits, weapons, contracts and an incredible narrative that will expand the story of GreedFall.

Remember that you can find GreedFall Gold Edition available in the Microsoft Store At a price of € 39.99.