Green pass and checks: the government’s plan to avoid infections on means of transport

Green pass and checks: the government’s plan to avoid infections on means of transport

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Green pass and checks: the government’s plan to avoid infections on means of transport

From next September 1st, the Green pass in Italy will also be mandatory for school, university and transport – from trains to planes to ships – with new rules and restrictions introduced by the decree approved by the government on 6 August. But what changes and when will it be necessary to show the ‘green’ certificate? And who will be exempt from it?

What transports?

The executive’s Faq reads: “From 1 September 2021, school and university staff and university students will have to exhibit the Covid-19 Green Certification. Starting from 1 September, only those with a Green Pass will be allowed access and the use of the following means of transport:
• aircraft used for commercial passenger transport services;
• ships and ferries used for interregional transport services, with the exception of those used for maritime connections in the Strait of Messina;
• trains used in Inter City, Inter City Night and High Speed ​​passenger rail transport services;
• buses used for passenger transport services, with an undifferentiated offer, carried out on the road continuously or periodically on a route that connects more than two regions and with pre-established itineraries, timetables, frequencies and prices; buses used for rental services with driver, with the exception of those used in additional local and regional public transport services.
• The use of other means of transport can also take place without the green pass, subject to compliance with anti-contagion measures ”.

Bus chapter

Here, on this last point the transport guidelines sent by the ministry to the CTS provide for the return of the controller on public transport and on land (buses and trams). emphasizing that control is a “crucial” issue. Based on the indications, also sent to the Regions which will then each have to build their own plan, the controller will have to verify, according to what is learned, not only the ticket but also the correct application of the anti-Covid measures, from capacity to 80 percent spacing, until the mask is used correctly.

Valid documents

The Certification must attest to have had at least one dose of vaccine or have tested negative for a molecular or rapid swab within the previous 48 hours or to be recovered from Covid-19 in the previous six months. Green Certification “is required in the ‘white area’ but also in the ‘yellow’, ‘orange’ and ‘red’ areas, where services and activities are permitted.

The exemptions

The green pass is mandatory for everyone, with some exceptions: “The obligation of the Covid-19 Green Certification does not apply to access the activities and services on the national territory to the following categories of people: to children under 12, excluded by age from the vaccination campaign; to subjects exempt for health reasons from vaccination on the basis of appropriate medical certification “.

As for the dates, “until 30 September 2021, the exemption certificates in paper format issued, free of charge, by the vaccinating doctors of the vaccination services of the companies and bodies of the regional health services or by the general practitioners or pediatricians of free choice of the assisted can be used national anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination campaign, according to the procedures and on the basis of precautions and contraindications defined by the Ministry of Health Circular of 4 August 2021: opens a new window. Vaccine exemption certificates already issued by the regional health services are valid until September 30th; to citizens who received the ReiThera vaccine (one or two doses) as part of the Covitar trial. The certification, valid until 30 September 2021, will be issued by the doctor in charge of the trial center in which it was carried out on the basis of the Circular of the Ministry of Health 5 August 2021 ″.

The general rules

The general rules remain in force from 6 August last, for which the COVID-19 green certification “is required in Italy to participate in parties for civil and religious ceremonies, access nursing homes or other facilities, move in and out of territories classified in the ‘red zone’ or ‘zone Orange’.

From 6 August it is also necessary to access the following services and activities: catering services carried out by any establishment for consumption at the table, indoors; shows open to the public, sporting events and competitions; museums, other institutes and places of culture and exhibitions; swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities, limited to indoor activities; festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses; spas, theme and amusement parks; cultural centers, social and recreational centers, limited to indoor activities and with the exception of educational centers for children, including summer centers, and related catering activities; gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos; public competitions.