Green Pass, Menichetti: “Intermediate stage before vaccination obligation”

Green Pass, Menichetti: “Intermediate stage before vaccination obligation”

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Green Pass, Menichetti: “Intermediate stage before vaccination obligation”

Mandatory green pass in Italy as well as in France? “We need to move the waters because we are between the failure of the vaccination campaign and the mandatory nature of the vaccine. Between the current situation and the mandatory nature, there is an intermediate step which can be the Green pass”. The virologist tells Adnkronos Salute Francesco Menichetti, Head of Infectious Diseases at the Pisa hospital.

“The Green pass proposal – he says – must essentially be what it was for France, that is a big invitation to join the vaccination campaign. It is obvious that it must be a serious proposal that draws a clear dividing line between those in possession of the Green pass and who does not. If a precise list of privileges is not identified for those in possession of the Green pass, it is useless. Then – explains the virologist – it is up to politics to find the fine tune of the provision, which must be sufficiently credible and consistent to arouse attention and support, but also sufficiently sustainable and therefore manageable not to turn into a joke “.

“If we are able to make it operational, we must do it quickly and well and of course – admonishes Menichetti – we must not be inspired by what has been done with the healthcare professionals, because the healthcare professionals are obligatory, but no one enforces it. they are there because the political will is lacking. So, if we had to do the Green pass or the compulsory nature as we did it for the health professionals, we don’t go far “.

But what could be the off limits places without the Green pass? “Cinemas, theaters, bars and restaurants seem to be hardly feasible targets”, according to the virologist, “because the exhibitor has no interest in not serving the users and then, in the absence of controls, much is entrusted to the sense of responsibility of the before there was the rule according to which in public places you had to leave a telephone number, but it quickly waned and no one dared to ask for it anymore. In short – he says – you have to think carefully, because if we have to make a Green pass without meaning, it is worth immediately starting a reflection on the compulsory nature and the bands for which the compulsory nature is proposed “.

“The incidence per 100 thousand inhabitants is a good parameter, while the so-called Rt of admissions, that is the admission index, seems to me too late a parameter. Because when we have hospitalized, you have already crashed and you are not walking back and the car comes back new “, continues the primary on the possible modification of the parameters to establish the color change of the regions.

According to the expert, “certainly more flexible parameters should be chosen, but not only the commitment of hospital services, because that is the very last one”.

While it is essential for Menichetti to enter a minimum number of buffers as a parameter. “Without a minimum threshold – says the virologist – it is not serious, because you do not find the infected because you do not swab”.

“I have a few dozen unvaccinated people who still continue to work in the hospital without being relocated, this is not tolerable and leaves me really surprised, perplexed and embittered”, he then reports to Adnkronos.

“There are no controls – he says – because there is no political will. But what kind of message do you give? It’s the usual Italian story, that if you pay taxes you are a fool and if you don’t pay them you are a crafty one

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