“Gretel and Hansel”: Ukrainian trailer and release date of the film, based on the fairy tale by the brothers Grimm

"Гретель и Гензель": украинский трейлер и дата выхода фильма, снятого по сказке братьев Гримм

The film adaptation of old cult fairy tales are becoming increasingly popular, because the film is the perfect way to see the world that can’t draw in your head. Therefore, Orion Pictures ready to present to fans of the fantasy genre trailers horror movie “Gretel and Hansel”.

Another adaptation of the book of the famous German writers brothers Grimm “Gretel and Hansel” will be released February 20. The movie has been well-known American actor and Director Oz Perkins, and Orion Pictures.

As you know, the film “Gretel and Hansel” removed on motives of books of German writers the brothers Grimm which was first published in 1812. The main characters in the story are two children – a brother and a sister who wants to eat the witch-ogress. The villain is well-disguised, because she lives deep in the woods in a house made of sweets. But inventive children will be able to save their lives.

Plot: the ribbon events 2020 will unfold around the older sister Gretel and her younger brother Hansel. They will travel in a spooky forest in search of food. Thus, the children go into the house mysterious grandmother, played 65-year-old Alice Kraydzh. Walk sister and brother will turn into real fear, because they will have to engage in battle with the evil witch.

Actors and the role of the film “Gretel and Hansel”

  • Sophia Lillis – Gretel
  • Sammy Faces – Hansel
  • Charles Babalola – hunter
  • Alice Kraydzh – witch gold
  • Jessica De Gau, a young Golda, witch

Gretel and Hansel: a trailer on the Ukrainian watch online

Gretel and Hansel: trailer watch online

Gretel and Hansel: trailer watch online

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