Group A: The Germans advanced to the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the USA won the group

Group A: The Germans advanced to the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the USA won the group

Group A: Germany advances to World Cup quarterfinals, USA wins group

Hockey World Cup match between Germany and France in Tampere, May 23, 2023. John Peterka (right) of Germany beats French goalkeeper Sebastian. Ylonena.

Tampere (Finland) – Germany's ice hockey players beat France 5-0 at the World Cup in Tampere and secured their place in the quarter-finals, where they will face Switzerland on Thursday. After the first three defeats, the Germans won four games in a row and finished fourth in Group A. Striker John Peterka contributed to today's three points with a goal and an assist. Mathias Niederberger kept a clean sheet, making only 13 saves. France is sixth in the group with four points, they said goodbye to the tournament with a third game in a row without scoring a goal. The United States hockey players beat Sweden 4:3 in overtime at the World Cup, winning the seventh game and taking control of Group A.

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Group A: Germany advances to World Cup quarterfinals, USA wins group

Group A: Germany advances to World Cup quarterfinals, USA wins group

Group A: The Germans advanced to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, the group was won by ly USA

Group A: The Germans advanced to the quarter-finals of the World Cup, they won the group USA

Mathias Niederberger kept a clean sheet, only 13 saves were enough for him. France is sixth in the group with four points, having bid farewell to the tournament with a third game in a row without scoring a goal.

“I think we played a solid game. We tried to play to advance to the quarterfinals. We took a big step and we're ready (for the quarterfinals),” forward Maximillian Kastner told the International Hockey Federation website. The Germans advanced to the play-offs for the sixth time out of the last seven World Cups.

The Germans needed to win at any cost to ensure advancement. They took the lead already in the 4th minute, when Stachowiak set up a goal for Ehl after a quick counterattack. Gawanke could have added another goal, but goalkeeper Ylönen managed to move in time and eliminated his chance.

In the 16th minute, Ylönen was unlucky when he didn't have time to react to the puck bounced off the skate of Tiffels, who was shot by Peterka. A minute later, however, he excelled as he dealt with Kahuna's raid. The French checked Niederberger only minimally in the first period, Addam's shot was helped by the post.

The Germans took another step towards winning and progressing in the 23rd minute. A successful solo was performed by Peterek, who went over the French defenders and increased the score to 3:0. “I had a bit of a slow start and I didn't feel like it. But recently things have improved, my game is a bit more consistent and I'm happy that I can help the team a little,” said Peterka, who is the most productive player with nine points (4+5) a player of the team.

Subsequently, Tiffels could have added another goal, but after a separate action, he hit the post. The Germans controlled the match and created chances, Moritz Müller's great opportunity was stopped by Ylönen.

At the beginning of the third period, Peterka could have added another goal, but he did not convert the attack. The match was just finishing and the Germans added two more goals in power plays. First, Fischbuch celebrated his return to the lineup, then Kastner scored. In the end, the winners didn't even have to regret not taking advantage of the five-on-three advantage.

“The last three games didn't go well. I don't know what happened. It wasn't because we had a certain participation in the next championship. It happened on for the second championship in a row. We will play four great games in the beginning and then stop playing. This must not happen again next time,” said French forward Anthony Rech.

USA wins battle with Sweden for first place in group

U.S. hockey players defeated Sweden 4-3 in overtime at the World Cup, winning the seventh game and dominating Group A. The Swedes erased a two-goal deficit in the third period, but in the end, they lost for the first time in the championship and will enter the playoffs from second place. The game, in which the team with the most productive attack and the team with the best defense in the tournament played against each other, was decided by defender Dylan Samberg at 61:37.

“We feel good about our game. We're focused and excited. We know what's at stake,” forward Conor Garland told the International Hockey Federation's website. The Americans won gold at the World Cup only in 1933 and 1960, when the tournament was part of the Olympic Games.

The cautious start of the match between the so far undefeated teams was ended in the 6th minute by forward Eyssimont's harsh foul on defender Sandin, after which the Swedish back with withdrew from the match with an injured knee. The American also finished, who went to the cabins with a higher penalty.

After that, when Samberg received a delay of game penalty, the Swedes got a 106-second five-on-three power play and capitalized on it. After Tömmernes' pass, Carlsson opened the scoring. It quickly became clear that the USA team would not continue the previous two games without conceding a goal.

Already in the first period, the overseas players also played five against three, but 106 seconds were not enough for them to equalize. In the continued classic advantage, captain Bonino aimed accurately and Lars Johansson in the Swedish goal conceded the second goal in the fourth duel at the World Cup.

At the turn of the first and second part, the Americans again played against three Swedes, first in four and then in five. But they did not get into the lead. The second goal was not scored either by Raymond or Carlsson, who was caught by DeSmith. “The USA is a different team than we are used to. Although some of our boys also play in the NHL. The pace was great,” said 18-year-old Leo Carlsson, who is expected to be drafted into the Canadian-American competition this year.

The United States took the lead in the 34th minute when Garland made a quick save on the power play. Nylander could have equalized, but the Pittsburgh goalkeeper was able to handle his break. His counterpart Johansson was not so successful, 30 seconds before the end of the second half he was beaten by defender Hutson from a similar action shortly after returning from the penalty bench. The Swedes were not dangerous in attack, the Americans were more active in shooting, but Johansson caught reliably.

In the 55th minute, Alex Tuch inadvertently deflected Carlsson's shot into his own goal. The goal encouraged the Northerners and thanks to Liljegren they even managed to equalize. The match had to be extended. The second point and the victory in the group was finally won by the Americans, Samberg decided after 97 seconds of setup.

World Hockey Championship – Group A:

Germany – France 5:0 (2:0, 1:0, 2:0)

Goals and assists: 4. Ehl (Stachowiak, Tuomie), 16. Tiffels (Peterka, Kahun), 23. Peterka, 44. Fischbuch (Wissmann, Noebels), 54. Kastner (Noebels, Wissmann). Referees: Heikkinen (Fin.), Hürlimann (Switzerland) – Kroyer (Denmark), Nothegger (Austria). Exclusion: 3:5, in addition Farnier (Fr.) 5 min. and until the end of the match. Usage: 2:0. Spectators: 8598.


Germany: Niederberger – M. Müller, Seider, J. Müller, Wissmann, Szuber, Gawanke, Wagner – Peterka, Kahun, Tiffels – Soramies, Sturm, Ehl – Noebels, Kastner, Fischbuch – Tuomie, Stachowiak, Schütz – Varejcka. Coach: Kreis.

France:Ylönen – Gallet, Boscq, Llorca, Chakiachvili, Onno, Crinon, Thiry – Texier, Boudon, T. Bozon – Rech, Addamo, Leclerc – Bertrand, Claireaux, Treille – Farnier, Valier, K. Bozon. Coach: P. Bozon.

Sweden – USA 3:4 in overtime. (1:1, 0:2, 2:0 – 0:1)

Goals and assists: 10. Carlsson (Tömmernes, O. Lindberg), 55. Carlsson (Berggren, Linus Johansson), 58. Liljegren (Tömmernes, Lindberg) – 17. Bonino (Gauthier, Tynan), 34. Garland (Mazur, Grimaldi ), 40. Hutson, 62. Samberg (Mazur, Tynan). Referees: Langin (Can.), Schrader (Germany) – Hynek (Czech Republic), Niittylä (Fin.). Exclusion: 7:4, plus Eyssimont (USA) 5 min. and until the end of the match. Usage: 1:2. Spectators: 8781.


Sweden: Lars Johansson – Sandin, Liljegren, A. Lindholm, Tömmernes, L. Bengtsson, Nemeth, Pudas – Berggren, Carlsson, Raymond – Grundström, P. Lindholm, A. Petersson – Everberg, O. Lindberg, A. Nylander – Silfverberg, J. de la Rose, M. Sörensen – Linus Johansson. Coach: Hallam.

USA: DeSmith – Perbix, Samberg, Perunovich, Kleven, C. Mackey, Thrun, Hutson – A. Tuch, Bonino, Grimaldi – Garland, O'Connor, Eyssimont – Mazur, Tynan, Gauthier – Coronato, Brown, Farrell – Bjork. Coach: Quinn.


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2. Sweden 7 5 1 0 26:7 18
3. 6 4 0 1 1 21:14 13
4. Germany 7 4 0 0 3 27:16 12
5. Denmark 6 2 1 0< /td>

3 18:19 8
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7. Austria 7 0 1 1 5 11:27 3
8. Hungary 7 0 1< /td>

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