Group purchase Car insurance: In group and yet personal

Group purchase Car insurance: In group and yet personal

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Group purchase Car insurance: In group and yet personal

Energy, solar panels, electric bicycles… These are the most well-known products for which group purchases are organised. But did you know that you can also take advantage of the advantages of a group purchase for car insurance? iChoosr, expert in group purchasing and Hopala, independent insurance broker join forces to organize a group purchase for your car insurance.

Overview :

Why a group purchase for car insurance?

Research shows that Belgians still too often pay too much for their car insurance. There is often a lack of time and desire to look for better insurance. The hassle and fear of making the wrong choice when switching to another insurance also deters many. A group purchase, organized by a group buying specialist and an insurance broker known for its carefree and transparent approach, offers an answer to both problems

In group and yet personal!

iChoosr has been organizing group purchases in Belgium since 2008, including for energy and solar panels. By bundling a large group of potential customers, iChoosr ensures a quality offer at affordable prices. Based on the principle “Together you save more easily”, iChoosr has already helped 2 600 000 people from 5 different countries with saving. Frédéric Dumalin, Country Manager iChoosr: “By partnering with an insurance broker Hopala we assure the participants in the group purchase of the right advice with regard to the choice of their car insurance and we guarantee that the switch is smooth and easy. Such a personal approach is essential, because not everyone has the same driving experience and drives the same car. In addition, the customer experience at Hopala is excellent both when taking out insurance and when following up claims. Perfect for the participants in our group purchase.”

Group purchase Car insurance: In group and yet personal

Group purchase car insurance, how does it work?

Each participant of the group purchase registers without obligation before a certain date. Negotiations with the insurers will then start. The strength of the large group of participants provides an attractive group advantage. Two weeks later, each participant will receive his personal proposal by e-mail. The participant can then choose whether or not to accept the proposal. In case of agreement, Hopala will contact you by phone to get acquainted and to explain what they are going to do to transfer the insurance to the new insurer.

Group purchase and insurance, a perfect match!

Although insurance and a group purchase seem to have little in common at first glance, they are based on a similar principle. Both are based on the strength of the group. For example, insurance originated from a sense of solidarity whereby individual members are helped by the group in the event of an accident. That sense of togetherness also plays a role when organizing a group purchase. Hopala and iChoosr bring the combination of products together for the first time, creating an interesting interaction: participants of the group purchase can enjoy tailor-made car insurance at the best price.