GT Italiano Endurance: Audi in Pole Position at Mugello

GT Italiano Endurance: Audi in Pole Position at Mugello

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GT Italiano Endurance: Audi in Pole Position at Mugello


Stefano Comandini is the first to show up at the starting gate with 51.8 ° of the asphalt and 27.7 of the air.

Edo Varini follows the BMW driver, then Sbirrazzuoli and De Marchi.

All chasing the Pole and the first time of reference is that of Varini with 1’55 “466 with the Huracan Super trophy of the Italy team, Sbirrazzuoli does better and drops to 1’51” 498 in front of Demarchi.

Cressoni in front with 1’43 “753 but Postiglione 1’47” 093 does better, third for Perolini in front of Schreiner.

Excellent Fumanelli in front with 1’46 ”385, in front of his teammate David Perel. Di Amato is there and climbs second with 1’46 ”519.

Stop the qualification at 5’10, Perolini in the final part of the Savelli jumps on the curb and goes into the sand.

He manages to get back in and the qualifications start again. Fifth position for Zampieri (Scuderia Baldini). Fumanelli the fastest ahead of Di Amato and Perel.

In the GT Cup Sbirrazzuoli in front and Varini. Yellow in the pit lane with Zampieri who widens to park and Crestani touches him on the front corner.


Schiavoni is the first to go out while the mechanics of the Baldini Scuderia change the steering arm, broken by the contact.

In record time, the mechanics of Scuderia Baldini send Gai to the track. Agostini takes the lead with the R8 1’48 ”061.

Great time trial for Gatting who takes the lead with 1’47 ”063, while after an excursion in the sand Gai’s Ferrari returns. Zug passes in front and signs 1’47 ”046 with Basz third.

Excellent time for Delacour in the Cup with the best time in front of Dionisio and Barbolini. Di Folco fell under the wall of 1’47 “with 1’46” 749. Dionisio passes Delacour while Gai’s qualification is over.

Almost at the end Agostini is second behind Di Folco. Flag and Di Folco in the lead ahead of Agostini and Zug.


Third and final session, 54 ° asphalt degrees and 28.3 °. First time for Lorenzo Ferrari with 1’47 ”820 ahead of Cressoni. Excellent time for barri who with the Huracan Super Trofeo is third overall then fourth for the Iron Dames Bovy who finishes second.

Fly Salaquarda with the R8 takes the lead with 1’47 ”782. Piccini is there, he takes the lead with 1’46 ”829 in front of the young Middleton. Greco climbs second behind Piccini.

Di Amato flies in the lead with 1’45 “897, but Fumanelli does even better in 1’45” 776, third Fuoco. No qualifying for Fisichella, an uphill race for Scuderia Baldini which has accustomed us to five-star performances.

To Zampieri who will start first, the task of recovering positions, in what will be a heart-pounding race. The starting grid sees the R8 of Drudi-Agostini-Ferrari, second position for Di Folco-Amici-Middleton.

Third position for the second of the Audi and fourth for the Ferrari of Easy Race. Departure from the last position for the Ferrari of Gai-Fisichella and Zampieri.

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