Guerrero: call to appoint the head of the ASE is approved

Guerrero: call to appoint the head of the ASE is approved

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Guerrero: call to appoint the head of the ASE is approved

Warrior. / 06.07.2021 21:26:53

Although it was questioned by the commission of irregularities in the procedure, the call to appoint the next head of the Superior State Audit (ASE) in Guerrero Fore approved unanimously in the Plenary of the local Congress, which means that for next July 20 there will be a new holder in the entity’s supervisory body.

During the first of two sessions that took place today, the parliamentary fraction of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) accused the National Regeneration Movement party (Morena) of appealing in the breach of agreements, in addition to alterthe law to seek a procedure to in the definition of who will be in charge of the Superior State Audit (ASE).

It should be noted that in the first instance, Congress resumed the session that was unfinished from last week, when the banks of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the PRD they suspended it by leaving and leaving the Plenary without a quorum, which made it impossible to validate the work that was in progress.

The president of the Board of Directors, Eunice Monzón García, asked the secretary of the commission, Celeste Mora Eguiluz, which concluded with the reading of the proposed convocation of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo).

What does Alberto Catalán Bastida, leader of the PRD in Guerrero say?

The only intervention that was recorded at that point was that of the PRD member Alberto Catalán Bastida, who reasoned his vote in favor.

Alberto Catalán Bastida, who is also a state leader of the PRD, stated that the agreement does not comply with the guidelines approved by the Plenary of Congress, in which it is established that the still holder of the ASE should be subject to an evaluation by local deputies, that they will have to determine whether or not they ratify it based on the elements provided by said procedure.

Despite the observations, he stated that the PRD bench would vote in favor of the issuance of the call, once it complies with the “progressive” principles of transparency and maximum publicity.

Earlier, he noted that Morena lacks “trade”, but not only political, but also technical and legal, since it constantly incurs actions that cause legislative paralysis and even: “the approval of agreements of doubtful legality”.

He said that the agreement approved this morning, it was built “to cover legal defects”, what were committed as a consequence of the lack of tact on the part of the deputies of Morena.

He explained that eThe internal regulations establish the guidelines for the evaluation of the still holder of the ASE, in case you fail to pass this evaluation, the Plenary of the Congress will have to issue the corresponding call to elect who will replace it, but by not doing so, the right and the possibility that Alfonso Damián, current head of the ASE, can be ratified for a period of more than seven years is violated.

By not covering what is related to the regulation, he said that it places Congress “as an arbitrary entity and what is worse: it does not know its own agreements”, after cHe questioned, “How and with what moral power can we require citizens to comply with the Law, when the body that issues them does not comply with them? “

What happened today, insisted that It is an abuse of power, in addition to showing the errors that have characterized Morena throughout the 62nd Legislature, which is about to end its period of constitutional exercise.

Despite the questions, the call to elect the next head of the ASE was approved unanimously.