Gun registry: the grumbling persists in spite of the compromise

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On social networks, the movement “All against a registry quebec firearms” offers a model resolution anti-registry to download.

The changes proposed by the minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, did not have the reason for the present movement of opposition to the gun registry, particularly in rural areas. Only a weapon on four would have been recorded, considers Quebec.

“What they have changed, it is still minor,” notes Philip Tétrault, mayor, Warden, municipality of 364 inhabitants in the north of Shefford, in Montérégie. “This money-where they will spend, they should put that on the mental health, it is much more, there is the problem that on the rifle as such. “

On 9 January, the elected of Warden passed a resolution to denounce the gun registry, which shall enter into force today.

“A citizen sent us an email to tell us that the municipality of Potton had made to adopt a resolution on this, and he asked us to do the same thing,” explains the mayor Tétrault. “It has been put on the agenda, and councillors voted for it. “

To this day, 22 municipalities have done the same in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, Abitibi, Estrie, Chaudière-Appalaches, the Laurentides, on the North Shore and the Montérégie region, in addition to the MRC of Pontiac and Témiscamingue, which comprise, respectively, 18 and 19 municipalities.” It is unfortunate that it happens, Polytechnique and then these other places-there, adds the mayor of Warden. But it is not because there is a register that these things won’t happen. A weapon, one can obtain it on the black market, you can order one from Ontario who will not be saved and that they will deliver to us. It is not the gun the problem, it is the person who holds it. “

People wonder when the government is going to charge [of the fees] for the weapons that they have listed

— Claire Bolduc

The county of Potton, in Estrie, had been the first to adopt a resolution, on the 7th of January. The adviser has proposed, Bruno Side, has not been seduced by the flexibility shown last week by the minister Guilbault.

On Thursday, she promised to withdraw the Law on registration of firearms three irritants of the administrative staff who were denounced by the Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs du Québec.

 Registre des armes: la grogne persiste malgré le compromis

However, according to Mr Roy, these changes have even increased the anger of some people. “It just put oil on the fire,” he said. Being able to hear the minister say that the government had ” listened to the people “, to do easing as they are considered ” trinkets “, he said, would have struck a chord.

He stressed that the prime minister, François Legault, had voted for the registry during the free vote on the act, last year. “Stop we say that it is the record of the liberals !” lance-t-il. “The head of the CAQ wanted the registry and the required. This is what happens. “

“Two weights, two measures” at the border

In the Témiscamingue also, the dissatisfaction continues. The recent easing is “very aesthetic,” according to the préfète Claire Bolduc. “It is clear that there is a malaise, and it goes beyond the hunters versus the abused women. The discomfort is also in link with the territory here. It is a hunting territory, a territory of farming where there are often wolves on the land. Lamb producers, for example, will have to defend their herds, ” she said.

The MRC of Témiscamingue has also adopted a resolution on the registry. However, contrary to Potton and Warden, she is not calling for its abolition, but rather for a moratorium and a broad consultation on the topic. Its wording requires the government to consider ” the fundamental differences between the rural and the urban environments in terms of behaviour and concern with regard to firearms “.

The préfète, which, itself, does not hunt, but whose spouse is a former hunter, says the fact border-Témiscamingue creates a situation of ” two weights, two measures “. “The hunters are bordering with the province of Ontario, where there is no registry, and there are a lot of outfitters. The Americans, for example, come up with their own weapons that are not registered “, she says.

When we pointed out to her that it is a strong reaction, that the registry requires the substance of an administrative process that does not stop anyone from hunting or having a gun, she mentions that people also fear that registration leads to the addition of taxes. “People wonder when is the government going to charge them for the weapons that they have listed. “

A movement not so marginal, depending on the FMQ

During this time on the social networks, the movement ” All against a registry quebecers of the gun “, led by the militant Guy Morin ordered that the municipalities and the MRC to the contact and offers a model resolution anti-registry to download.

Among the 22 municipalities and two RCMS that have adopted such a resolution, not all of them are asking about the abolition of the registry. Some of them, such as Baie-Saint-Paul, has not adopted a resolution unanimously because their advisors were divided.

So what is the real importance of this movement when we know that Quebec has no less than 1100 municipalities ?

One thing is for certain, this is not ” marginal “, according to the president of the Federation of municipalities of Quebec (QMF), Jacques Demers. “At the beginning, one had the impression that it was rather a minority, but here it takes when the same magnitude in some regions, and the MRC,” he says.

The topic had been discussed at the meeting of its executive last week. “Our position is to tell the members to comply with the law. At the same time, it still asks the government to listen to these regions. “

In this context, the government of the Coalition avenir Québec could he make further adjustments ? “No,” replied the press secretary of the minister Geneviève Guilbault, Jean-François Del Torchio. “We hope that people will continue to save,” he said, stressing that the ministry has registered a record number of weapons in the day on Sunday. According to the last count, 370 264 people had registered their weapons, or 27 905 more than a week ago and 69 311 more than last January 6.

The department of public Safety estimated that 23 % of the weapons have been registered, out of a total of 1.6 million non-restricted firearms registered in the canadian Registry of firearms prior to its abolition in 2012.


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