Hadamczik: The decision on Jalonen will be made on June 29

Hadamczik: The decision on Jalonen will be made on June 29

Czech Republic – Finland, Czech hockey games, Euro Hockey Tour tournament, May 4, 2023, Brno. Czech team coach Kari Jalonen.

Prague – The fate of the coach of the ice hockey team, Kari Jalonen, should be decided next week on Thursday, when the next meeting of the executive committee will take place. This was announced on Twitter by the president of the Czech Ice Hockey Association, Alois Hadamczik.

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“Hockey is managed by a collective body. The executive committee consists of eleven members, nine of whom chose Kari Jalonen last season. I have been clear since the unsuccessful World Cup. The decision on who will train for the World Cup in the Czech Republic will be made on the 29th. June,” wrote Hadamczik.

The executive committee has already discussed Jalonen's stay or dismissal twice. First at the beginning of June and then on Monday. In the first case, the 63-year-old Finn and other members of the implementation team presented their analyzes of the unsuccessful championships in Riga and Tempera, where the Czech team was eliminated in the quarter-finals and took overall 8th place, which is the worst result in history.

Subsequently, the general manager was given Martin Havlát for the task that with Jalonen et al. developed the concept of the current implementation team for the following season, with the peak in the form of the home World Cup. The executive committee discussed this on Monday and called it unsatisfactory. But he has not decided whether he will recall Jalonen. However, Hadamczik has indicated several times in recent weeks that he is in favor of changing the staff of the national team.

Next week on Thursday, in addition to the meeting of the executive committee, the ceremonial announcement of the 55th edition of the Golden Stick will take place.