Hamilton and beer with Verstappen |  FormulaPassion.it

Hamilton and beer with Verstappen | FormulaPassion.it

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Hamilton and beer with Verstappen |  FormulaPassion.it

The contact between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the Prima Variante di Monza he went around the world and could certainly be among the covers of the 2021 season, as a symbol of the toughness of the fight between the two contenders in the championship. Verstappen was found guilty “predominantly”Of the accident by the Commissioners, so much so that he was sanctioned by 3 positions on the starting grid (and 2 points on his license) in view of the next Russian Grand Prix. Hamilton got away with a big fright about the contact dynamics – with a Red Bull wheel resting on his helmet, contained by the Halo – and remedied a nagging neck pain due to which he will sustain a visit. specialist in New York.

However, the 36-year-old from Mercedes was neither too polemical or critical of his rival in the statements to the press, although he claimed the right of trajectory and his own reasons for the incident, calling him “opportunist“. In conclusion, to the real rustic duel seen on the track – also taking into account what happened in Turn 4 on the first lap – the verbal one is not paid, given that the Red Bull men also had a decidedly different behavior from that shown after the Silverstone accident.

In this scenario, a specialized Dutch site (Formulas1.nl) yesterday published – with questionable timing – an interview with Lewis Hamilton before the Belgian Grand Prix, in which the Brit held out his hand to his rival, inspired by Nelson Mandela: “I don’t see why I couldn’t have a beer with Max. Behind what we do on the track and tell the press, there is another dimension: the respect you have or don’t have with each other. I’ve always been in this inspired by Nelson Mandela. He spent 28 years in prison and when he was released he went to have tea with the man who put him behind bars.“. Who knows if the offer will still be worth, after the new sparks on the track between the seven-time world champion and the young Verstappen in Monza, more determined than ever to take his foot off the accelerator last.

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