Hamilton: “Curva was mine, Max know that I don’t lift my foot” |  FormulaPassion.it

Hamilton: “Curva was mine, Max know that I don’t lift my foot” | FormulaPassion.it

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Hamilton: “Curva was mine, Max know that I don’t lift my foot” |  FormulaPassion.it

After the race, the emotions calmed down and enjoying the triumph – the eighth in his career on his home track – Lewis Hamilton gave his version of the facts on what happened in the first lap of the British Grand Prix at the Copse corner. His contact with Max Verstappen ended the Dutch driver’s race, who flew at over 240 km / h against the barriers, and cost Hamilton 10 seconds of penalty. Despite this penalty, the Englishman nevertheless managed to recover and beat Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari, winning a crucial success in view of the race for the world title. The seven-time world champion, however, criticized the penalty imposed on him, directly sending a message to his home rival Red Bull.

Verstappen, impact at 51G

“Enjoy the victory after what happened with Max? Absolutely. I collected the penalty – Hamilton commented to the Sky Sport F1 microphones – and from the images, from the video I saw and from what I felt inside the cockpit, I hope that everyone described the accident in the way to the fans. quite right. The rules say that when your front wing is level with the rear tire of the car in front, the curve is hers. If you are side by side, the curve is yours. And I was flanked. So the corner was mine ”the Mercedes driver pointed out. “Max obviously didn’t want me to overtake him and that’s what happened. Racing is racing. I do not feel any hostility, however, him – added the native of Stevenage – but he must know that even if everyone lifts his foot when fighting with Max, I’m not like that. I am here to fight and I will not give up so easily ”.

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Hamilton had previously also wanted to give credit to Leclerc, a tough rival for this crucial stage success. “I said to Charles, who is from Monte Carlo obviously, ‘you have won football, we have won the British GP’. He did a really great job today. I was surprised at how strong Ferrari was ”. Finally, a thought also for his boxmate: “Valtteri was a great teammate today. He gave me the way and gave me the chance to go and fight for the win ”, he concluded.